SUMMER 2007 
Orinda, CA   
Instructor:  Kathryn G. McCarty

Scratch, goes the pencil
No mercy on the paper
It lives to write down

Lavender, Violet
Many different versions
All my favorite

Blazers, Tank Tops, Shoes
Why so expensive!? Spare me!
Bit it's worth it all

Stephany Z.,  Age 11

 I write my story 
My pencil flows on paper
The book is finished

Waves crashing on me
Blue sea a beautiful sight
sends a calm sound

Surrounded by trees 
This beautiful loving home 
My favorite place    

Madison W.        Age 10

Writing Fiction
The pencil, it moves
caressing the paper so
It tells many lies

Nothing penetrates
the darkness of this color
The color of space

 The Earth
The green and the blue
It sits like a small marble
in the emptiness

It cannot be seen
This element of Earth's life
Everyone breathes it

                                         Alex Z., Age 14

Pencil writing fast,
Hand cramps up, stops for a rest
Paper filled, work's done.

The color of Green,
Tinted, shaded, very bright
The power of life. 

Stone is very hard,
The cold pierces inside of me,
Sun lights up my day.  

           Lin,  Age 13

Refreshing writing,
Cools me down only when I don’t,
Enjoy the subject.

Color of hills, are
Beige, lumpy green trees look like,
Broccoli. Broccoli YUCK!!!!!!

I feel calm outside.
Leaves sway side to side as big,
Branches sway along.

Esther S., 9

Scratches on paper
Diminishing erasers
True concentration

Cool, rushing water
A clear, azure, summer sky 
Worn and torn denim

The Tree
Splintery, cracked, bark
Green leaves reach to the blue sky
Quietly Alive

Vivian W.

Blank. Nothing is there
Both head and paper are blank
I can't write today

All trees, grass and plants
Even my pencil is green
It is everywhere

A Tree
It's so tall and strong
It's branches are wide and thick
But still, its alone

​                                                Kendal T., Age 12

Writing might seem hard
But in separation you'll find
Let your mind run Free

Quiet soothingblue
Water tricklIngdown hill
But strong and noble

Trust is some thing earned
It can be taken a way
With a single strike

Lydia R.,12

Alone a girl sits
head down in concentration
writing on and on

The warm sun beats down
refracting its rays in mist
and a rainbow forms

Water pounds the Earth
In an unstopping rhythm
on, endlessly on

Forever Alone,
Forever Frozen in time,
Forever waiting.

 A Song
Murmuring, she sings
a broken and joyless song 
for her broken heart

  Olivia W., 12


 Long ago, fish used to live on land. They breathed air and walked on their fins - which

were long enough to stand on. And the goddess of the sea, Aquina, had all the fish as her pets. She 

loved fish. She loved everything about them. Their shiny scales to their large eyes. But being the 

goddess of the sea, Aquina couldn't see them all the time. She was heartbroken. She thought of many ways how she can get the fish to live with her. She asked everyone, anyone she could find for ideas. 

Then, she thought of idea. I'll just make them breathe under water. she thought. Then they'll be with 
me forever. And so, Aquina gave them gills and shorter fins to help them swim in water faster. And that is how fish came to live under water.

Lydia R. 12


            There was once a time when Tree didn’t grow upward. Tree could grow whichever way he pleased. He could grow left and right and up and down, but Tree had one weakness. Tree loved treasures.

            One day, Human decided to trick Tree into gaining him wealth and power. Human walked up to Tree and said, “Tree, did you know that deep down in the earth, there is a wonderful treasure?”

“A treasure?” asked Tree, the word “treasure” immediately catching his attention. “Yes,” said Human, “red stones known as rubies grow down there.”

 “I’m going to find a ruby!” exclaimed Tree. 

Just as Tree was about to grow down under the ground, Human said, “Since I told you about the ruby, you must bring me one to repay me.”

 “That sounds fair,” said Tree.

            For many weeks, Tree grew down through the dirt. Finally, one day, he found many rubies. He took two, one for himself and one for Human. Taking too many would be disrespectful to Earth.

            He came back up above ground and gave Human one ruby. Tree hid his own ruby under a rock. “Don’t tell anyone where I hid my ruby,” said Tree. 

“I won’t,” said Human, “but there is another treasure even deeper than the ruby. A clear stone, the diamond, is even more special than the ruby.”

“I shall find this diamond,” said Tree.

 “Before you go, I told you of this diamond, so it’s only fair if you bring one to repay me,” said Human. 

“I suppose it’s only fair,” replied Tree. Once again, Tree went under the earth. As soon as Tree was out of sight, Human took the ruby from under the rock.

Tree was gone for more than a month, finally coming back up with 2 diamonds. He gave one to Human and put the other under his rock. Suddenly, he noticed that his ruby was missing. “Have you seen my ruby?” asked Tree.

 “No, I have not,” said Human. Tree began to be suspicious of Human. 

“There is another treasure even more special than the diamond. It is the pink diamond. If you want to be fair, I deserve one pink diamond as a reward for telling you about it,” said Human once more. 

“I suppose,” replied Tree. Once again, Tree grew under the Earth in search of the treasured pink diamond. Once again, Human took the diamond from under Tree’s rock.

After many months, Tree came back holding the two pink diamonds. He found that the diamond under his rock had disappeared once again. That’s when he lost his trust of Human. No longer would he let him have a share of his treasures. But it was too late. Human had already gained the wealth that he had desired.

Human looked up at the sun. He already had wealth, but now he wanted power, and the sun had lots of power. He walked over to Tree to try and trick him one more time. “There is one treasure even more important and rare than the pink diamond! It is the sun!” said Human, pointing up at the sky. 

Tree said, “Okay, I shall get the sun and let you have a piece as well, as it’s only fair,” but he had no intention of doing so. The sun was going to be his treasure, and his alone. Human couldn’t have any of it. Tree began to grow up towards the sun.

Many years passed, and Human eventually forgot, but Tree didn’t, and he continued to try and reach the sun. To this day, Tree continues to try and reach the sun. Maybe one day he shall give up and start growing left, right, up, down, or whichever way he desires again, but that is highly unlikely. Tree loves treasures.

 The End

Alex Z., Age 14


                 One day Sun saw Moon. Oh Wait! That can never happen! Then how!?

"What are you doing here!?" asked Moon.

"I am just here to fulfill my duty of giving light."

"No! It's my turn! I am supposed to be giving darkness right now!"

They both looked down on the gray dull looking world. Sun tried to be polite but the just kept yelling. Each went back to their own houses in the middle of space.

            After what were supposed to be two days and nights the stars and people got worried. Up in the stars they started talking.

"Why haven't we been called to show in the sky?"

"I don't know, I haven't seen the dark or the light, just gray.

"Lets go talk to the moon to see what's wrong."

            When they got to the moon they asked,

"Why haven't you brought darkness, Moon?"

"I am angry, Sun came before it was her turn to bring light!"

"Well, just talk to her and get someone down 
there to restart the cycle!"

"Talk to her!? As in admitting I was wrong!?"

“Well, you don't have to admit anything, just tell one of you to get down there so you can continue your life."

"Fine! But you have to be there!"

"Uggghh, fine then, meet her in two hours at the home of the stars."

  So Moon called out with his booming voice,

"SUN!!! Meet me at the home of the stars in two hours!"

Back at Sun's house she heard Moon's call. She decided that if the stars would be there, then she would go.

 At the meeting stars started the conversation.

"Why have neither of you gone down to give light or dark?"

"Because we are angry." answered Sun simply.

"And your angry because you think one of you messed up your timings, right? asked the stars.

            "Yes, but it was Sun who messed up, she-"

Sun cut him off.

"ME! I was just doing my job and left the house when Moon told me to leave for my shift!"

Then Moon said,

"I never called you for your shift!"

Then one of the stars giggled, a teenage boy star, then he yelled out,

"You actually fell for that prank call?!!

Then he fell to the floor laughing.

His mom floated over to him and gave him a big spanking and grounded him.

 Sun and Moon got back to their jobs and continued life. The stars were known as heroes and they were so happy that they always shined. Except for the one bad star, who always felt bad so he never lit up at night.

 Stephany Z., 11


(It’s not what you think)

Albert and his Grandpa Lewis were poor mice that lived in an old shack with a cat and a man. Reggy, the cat, was always trying to gobble them up.  He would chase them down and scratch them. They had an awful life. Since they lived in the middle of the desert, Albert and his grandpa couldn’t run anywhere. 

One hot summer day Albert could not take it anymore. He decided each day he would try to think of a plan to get the cat not to eat them. One time, he tried making glue out of flour and water to make Reggy’s paws stick to the floor, but Albert just ended up gluing his own paws together. Albert tried talking to Horace, the man who owned the shack, but all Horace could hear was squeaking. The result of this effort was a flick from Horace’s fat finger, and a long tumble down to the dusty floor. 

His butt sore, his ego bruised, and running out of good ideas to try, Albert got desperate. He pulled out a box of junk gathered throughout the years by his Grandpa Lewis, and attempted to create a talking machine that translated mouse talk into human talk. One crossed wire, and the whole thing exploded in his face. The current running through his body gave his hair an entirely new, wild look…an afro with smoky ends.

For obvious reasons, none of his complicated plans worked. Finally, he thought of a brilliant, simple plan, and wondered why he hadn’t thought of it before. How about putting a bell around the neck of his nemesis? That way, whenever Reggy came by, Albert could hear the bell ring and scurry away with plenty of time to spare. Albert was pleased with his plan, so he decided to go tell Grandpa Lewis, who was still upset about all his scraps going up in electrical flames. 

When Albert described his fabulous plan, Lewis countered, “How will you get it around his neck, fluffy guy?” 

“I have already thought that through, Grandpa. When Reggy is fast asleep, dreaming about eating me, I’ll quietly tip-toe over, and put the bell around his neck” he gleamed proudly.

“I’ll believe it when I see it. In the meantime, you better watch yourself. Reggy is a light sleeper, and you are a much bigger target now with your new hairdo.”

Not discouraged by his grandpa’s doubt, Albert set off to complete his mission. Tip, tap, tip, tap, he quietly clicked his way across the floor to Reggy’s favorite bean bag bed, and oh-so-carefully slipped a tied string with the bell over the cat’s neck, careful not to jiggle it too much. Success! 

Walking away, proudly with his head held high, Albert didn’t notice the Doritos chip laying squarely in front of him. Crunch! The chase was on. Reggy shot up in full attack mode and came barreling at Albert, bell ringing wildly at his neck. The noise of the bell distracted Reggy at first, which gave Albert a little extra time to get some distance between them. Albert had a clear shot for the mouse hole when a huge paw covered it up. Albert had such momentum, that he couldn’t stop, and ran smack into Reggy’s paw, but luckily his puffy afro cushioned the blow, and sent him flying through the air, landing softly on the bean bag bed. 

All the noise from the bell woke Horace up. He came thundering out of his room and swooped up Reggy, yelling “You bad kitty! You’ll just have to spend the night outside, you noisy, lame excuse for a cat!”

Although it wasn’t exactly according to plan, Albert’s idea worked this time. And in all the rest of his days, the bell warned him that Reggy was on his way.

Madison W., 9


            Once upon a time, when the earth was
 still covered in forests, there lived three bears 
in the largest forest of all: The Forest of Bears.
 In this forest, the sun and moon always smiled
 together in the sky, plants and trees walked 
and sang, there was constant music, and it was
 a perfect setting, full of laughter and delight. Birds 
chirped and twittered melodiously, leaves glittered
 in the sun and moonlight, and even weeping willows 
smiled. This wonderful destination was ruled by the 
three siblings: Brown Bear, Black Bear, and Panda. 
These three bears had a friendship like none other, 
but each were different in their own way. Brown Bear 
was ever cautious and studious, but was talkative
 around close friends and her two siblings. 

     The smartest and wisest of the three, many came 
to her for a share of her wisdom. She had fur the color 
of coffee, with a white star in the middle of her forehead. 
Black Bear was mischievous and daring, sometimes
 compulsive, but he was never intentionally unkind. With a powerful character, all of the animals admired his courageous and audacious personality. His fur was as dark as the night, with a brown muzzle and a nose that always seemed to find its way into trouble. In appearance, Panda was unlike his two older siblings. In his fur, he had every color of the rainbow. Red, orange, pink, yellow, green, aqua, teal, indigo, violet, and plum; they were all there. Though he was shy and did not do well in front of large crowds, he spent his days roaming the forest, playing and talking with the other animals. Everyone loved panda. 

     Flowers sprang at his feet with each step. A chorus of frogs, crickets, birds, and walking trees and plants followed Panda wherever he went, constantly singing songs of elation. When he passed by, rivers and streams jumped from their banks, hills and mountains danced, and rocks sang. All was perfect.

            The three bears, though they were rulers of the large forest, they were still children. The three played games together, but what they loved most was to play pranks on the others. One day, it was painting the sky pink, another day it was tying Brown Bear to a raft while she was asleep and letting her drift toward the horizon. Each practical joke always ended with peals of laughter, but soon Black Bear and Brown Bear would play a trick that would cross the line.

            Every day, Panda would spend hours preening himself and taking care of his coat of colors, making sure there were no tangles or knots. Both Black Bear and Brown Bear knew how important their brother's colorful coat was to him. 

     Before long, they decided to play a joke on Panda. 

            One day, while Panda was taking his afternoon nap, Black Bear and Brown Bear crept up to his sleeping body.

            "Are you sure we should do this?" Brown Bear quietly questioned, holding a bucket of black paint.

            "Of course!" whispered Black Bear enthusiastically, nearly bouncing with excitement "This will be the best trick any of us has ever played!"

            The pair silently brought out their paintbrushes, slowly using the black paint Panda's eyes, ears, legs, arms, and part of his back. Then, they slowly cleaned up their tools, and hid in the bushes nearby, waiting for Panda to wake up. 


Panda slowly stretched and opened his eyes. Still sleepy and unaware of the paint on his eyes, arms, ears, back, and legs, he slowly lumbered toward the river, bending down for a drink of cold water. 


A piercing cry rang through the forest. Snickering, Black Bear and Brown Bear scuttled toward Panda, but when they reached him, they could see that there was something horribly wrong. Panda had gone white with shock, loosing all of his color in his fur, when he saw the areas of fur that had been painted black. Now, he looked skeletal, with black eyes and ears. 

"What's wrong?" Brown Bear asked, worriedly.

"It's not that serious, we can wash it off," said Black Bear, trying to talk some sense to him. But Panda was unresponsive.

Suddenly, trees and plants stopped walking and singing. The sun no longer shone in the forest, and it slowly sunk below the horizon. Streams and rivers no longer jumped from their banks, and mountains and hills stayed in place. Almost all of the joy was pulled out of the world. Silently, Panda crawled out of the forest, and slowly wandered to other forests, slowly disappearing into the large Forest of Bamboo. 

For a while, all the animals mourned the loss of their best friend, their star and muse. But, one day, the sun got restless and appeared on the horizon again. Seeing the warmth of the sun, many of the animals remembered happier days, and birds began to sing. When the sun sunk beneath the horizon, the crickets and frogs began their choir again. Though the forest missed Panda, they learned to live without their inspiration. 

`Vivian W., 13


            Once upon a time, an odd creature came to the surface of the ocean. That creature came to the surface of the ocean. Every single creature thought that his bald shell was amazing, except an octopus named Octi. Octi thought that having 8 legs was cooler than anything in the world!

             The odd creature hated how everyone admired how BALD shell. He thought his greed plain shell was extremely boring. What he hated most of all was how his shiny shell blinded a fish when he was talking to it. What he wanted most of all was to have pretty cool design on his shell. He never ever thought that his green bald shiny shell could change.

             One day Octi decided to ruin the creatures shell, he said,

            “First I’ll invite the creature to a tea party at my house. 
Then, I’ll serve tea, cookies and dinner. By that time
 it would be 9:00, 
he would be so tired. I’ll ask him to spend 
the night at my house. As he is asleep
 I’ll pound shaped rocks and his shell will be ruined!”

The next day Octi invited the creature to the tea party, 

“What is your name?” Octi asked while he was crunching a chocolate chip cookie.

“My name is Turtle” Turtle said.

After the tea party, Turtle looked at the clock and told Octi he had to go home and sleep. Then Octi told Turtle that he could just spend the night at his house, and they both agreed.

             Pound, Pound, Pound that was the sound of turtles getting ruined. Octi was thinking what would happen the very next morning, and then he started to giggle. As he was sleeping he was laughing.

            The next morning Turtle looked at the mirror, and he was HAPPY about his shell!!!!!!!!!  Octi was not happy with what he was seeing and hearing but he finally admitted that he was the one that made the design on his shell.

  From then on all turtles had a pattern on their shell.

Esther S., Age 9


Nibble, Nibble, Crunch, Crunch, Nibble, Nibble, Crunch, Crunch, Nibble, Crunch, Nibble, Crunch, Nibble, Nibble, Crunch, Crunch.

    "What is that horrendous racket?" Mr. Eagle screeched from his nest on a low pine branch where he had been sleeping. Mr. Hamster popped his furry black head right through the middle of Mr. Eagle's nest. 
    "It's me, sir." He explained. A small piece of nut flew out of Mr. Hamster's mouth and hit Mr. Eagle on his beak. "I was just having my breakfast, sir." Mr. Hamster pulled his head out and Mr. Eagle's eyes bulged as he saw a hole in the middle of his once perfect nest where Mr. Hamster had poked his head in just seconds before. 
    Mr. Eagle put his screaming-yellow eyes to the hole and peeked down at the retreating hamster.  
    "Hold your paw steps!" Mr. Eagle snapped.
    Mr. Hamster turned and said softly, "I really must go, sir, I have my daily food to collect." Mr. Hamster shuffled his paws as he prepared to take off again. He glanced at the black eagle with fear and uncertainty. 
    "I beg your bottom?!" Mr. Eagle pulled his head away from the hole and perched on the edge of his nest. He stretched his neck down so he was eye level with the unfortunate hamster. His English accent was thick as he thundered; "You are going off to collect your rounds of daily food when there is work to be done here?" 
    Mr. Hamster quivered with fear. "Uh, er, what do you mean, sir?"
    Mr. Eagle exploded. "Look, look at the hole you made in my nest. Go on, go on, oh why don't you!" With a squawk, Mr. Eagle grasped the hamster's scruff by his beak and shoved the hamsters face at the hole in his nest. "You made that wretched hole, and you better fix it." 
    Mr. Hamster nodded his numbly at the paranoid eagle and set to work at once. Humming to himself, Mr. Hamster collected sticks, twigs, hay, and pawfuls of mud. Since Mr. Hamster's lack of ability to do anything in a jiffy resulted in his lack of size, it took him the whole day to patch up the little hole.   
    As the sun, making its grand finale towards the horizon, finally set, Mr. Hamster finished fixing the hole and laid down in the nest. He wiped his nose with a heavy paw, but jumped up again when he saw Mr. Eagle approaching him. 
    "I'm done, sir." He said wearily.
    "Good, good." Mr. Eagle inspected the work and then said abruptly, "No your not."
    "What do you mean, sir?" Mr. Hamster squeaked out angrily.
    "Nothing. Oh, and this is your dinner." Mr. Eagle threw a nut at the hungry hamster. 
    Mr. Hamster snuffled, "Why, thank you, sir." And moved towards the nut.
    Mr. Eagle cocked his head to one side, pinpointed where the hamster was, blinked his eyes once, and swooped down on the unwary hamster. His curved talons were stretched out in anticipation and before Mr. Hamster could cry out, he was dead: swallowed whole by Mr. Eagle. 
    "Your welcome." Mr. Eagle sniggered. He flicked the nut that Mr. Hamster was going to eat off of his nest and muttered, "I've always hated nuts." 
    Then, Mr. Eagle flew off to tell all the hamsters that knew Mr. Hamster, that Mr. Hamster was dead. He convinced them that Mr. Hamster had been bitten by a rattlesnake while he was out foraging for twigs and with his dying breath had told Mr. Eagle his will. His will was that all hamsters should serve Mr. Eagle, the rightful ruler of all the forests. Mr. Hamster's friends believed the eagle and began to slave under his dictatorship. 
    When Mr. Hamster, who was in Heaven (of course), heard about this, he was so angry that he presented the case to the Almighty God of all Hamsters.
    The Almighty God agreed with Mr. Hamster that Mr. Eagle should be punished and showed Mr. Hamster into a room filled with bottles of powder of every kind. Mr. Hamster waited until the Almighty God had left before he read the instruction. The instruction said: Take only one. 
    Mr. Hamster was a kind-hearted yet seldom greedy fellow, but the temptation to take more than one bottle of powder was overwhelming. Mr. Hamster finally decided on five bottles of powder. They were labeled: No-Head, No-Feet, No-Wings, No-Beak, and Stardust. 
    Mr. Almighty God poked his head into the room and Mr. Hamster quickly stuffed four of the bottles into his mouth. In his paws was the bottle labeled Stardust and Mr. Almighty God nodded his head wisely.
    "Ahh, Stardust. It can do many, many, wonderful things, but many, many, horrible things that you could never imagine. Stardust…always does the least expected things for you." Mr. Almighty God took the bottle of Stardust and cast it down through the clouds. 
    "Your friends will know what to do with it." He assured Mr. Hamster.
    And did they! Mr. Hamster's friends found the bottle, read the instructions inside of it, and set to work. In the dark of the night, the hamsters covered Mr. Eagle with pawfuls of Stardust. The stardust settled with no weight at all, and that was precisely why Mr. Eagle didn't wake up until morning. 
    The sun rose, casting streaks of orange, yellow, and red across the sky. The hamsters down in the forest awoke and immediately went to check on Mr. Eagle. At first, all they could see was his black body and tail feathers and they thought: Oh no! The Stardust didn't work! Then they peered at Mr. Eagle's head and that was when they all gasped out loud. 
    Mr. Eagle's black feathers were gone, replaced by snow white feathers. The white feathers were as pure as snow and met the black around the shoulders. All the hamsters huddled back as Mr. Eagle woke to the new day. 
    "What's everyone looking at?" he croaked. "Get back to work!"
    A brave voice shouted, "We don't need to take orders from a baldy like you!" All the hamsters murmured their agreement and Mr. Eagle hurriedly looked at his reflection in a nearby pool of water. He squawked out in alarm and flew off in a hurry. Some weeks later, he made his nest way up in the tallest branches of a giant pine tree. There, no rodents would mock him. But to this day, he takes his revenge on the rodents by preying on them. And if you ever hear Mr. Eagle screech, you would know that he was challenging Mr. Hamster to come down from the Heavens above and fight him. His white head was a forever reminder of what hamsters did to him. 
    What became of Mr. Hamster? Well, after five hours of having four bottles of powder in his mouth, his cheek pouches enlarged and to this day he still has giant cheek pouches to remind him of his bad deed. Did Mr. Almighty God of all Hamsters ever find out what Mr. Hamster did? Of course! 

LIN, 13


            One cold and foggy night, when thunder haunted the sky and rain poured down from the heavens, one tiny baby girl was born in a small hospital. I was there (of course), and that night was the most unforgettable night ever in my life.

            I remember the agony of my mother as she shrieked, crying out for father, her face a dark molten purple. When I was watching her, the baby suddenly came out, wailing, causing me to gasp out in shock at the sight of its gory body. Bloody and pale, the baby choked and gagged, coughing up the liquids in her tiny lungs. My mother was drenched in sweat, her bangs lifelessly sticking to her forehead, but on her face was a warm smile. My dad was crying with relief and I was excited for I had always wished to have a younger sister.

            After I sat with my parents and told my mother how amazing she was, I decided to check on my baby sister. When I found her asleep, her innocent face glowed despite the darkness and my heart softened toward her. Soon enough, I had wrapped her in my arms. She was absolutely adorable and just looking at her made me want to give her everything she ever wanted.

           As time passed, I treated her as a princess, if not better, and whenever I called for her it was always "my little angel". Her brown eyes always dazzled me and her innocent expression always seemed to say "give me everything I want because you know you love me." I truly loved her too much. In fact, I loved too much for my own good, and I never suspected her of ever doing anything wrong. How foolish and naïve I was back then, for I was greatly mistaken.

            Now I know how she really is. After living with her and seeing her grow up and laugh in my face at my devotion to her, "my little angel" and now become "the little devil". I wish I never had gotten this little sister because all she has brought upon me is pain. I hope no one ever makes the same mistake as me and will not have to suffer as I have.

--Olivia W., 13

                 ALBERT'S ADVENTURES

             Albert was a normal kid who, at the age of 60, 
moved from Moraga to Orinda to switch preschools. 
On the way to Orinda, a U.F.O. began to chase 
the moving van. Albert pulled out his bazooka 
and shot at the bloodthirsty aliens. They dodged 
the shots and threw a grenade at the van. Albert 
jumped into the air and back flipped, kicking the 
grenade into the U.F.O. It blew up.

            He finally managed to drive to Orinda when the aliens came back and shot a laser beam at the hill on which Albert’s new house was. The hill grew to the size of Mount Everest. He took 3 days to drive all the way up (using his preschool driving skills). He finally found the house. It was terrible! He walked through the house and then went to check out the deck. It was disgusting, with dirt in between the planks of wood, weeds growing from the dirt, and termites and worms crawling in and out of the wood. Albert looked at it and decided to test it’s strength. He took one step on it and broke through. “Oh, this deck’s just a little old. It’ll last another decade or so,” he said to himself.

            He went to the store and bought himself a Jacuzzi. When placed on the deck, it fell through and broke in half, spilling out all of the water. Albert looked at it. “Pah, it’s just fine,” he said as he put on a swimsuit and jumped in. Soon, he realized he was lonely, so he hired a gardener.

            The gardener removed the deck (while Albert complained that it was perfectly fine), added 32 retaining walls (while Albert sipped lemonade), and planted many plants and shrubs (while Albert complained that he hated the color green). Albert then fired the gardener because he had died in a gardening-related accident, or so Albert said (he really had whacked the gardener over the head with a tree…. by accident).

            Albert now had some plant friends, but he was still lonely. He decided to refill his jacuzzi (while it was still cracked) and get some pet fish. He went to the pet store and bought 200 tropical fish, and 15 barracudas. He dumped them all into his cracked jacuzzi. All the fish slowly died, struggling for breath, but their misery was ended early because the barracudas were hungry. Then the barracudas died. Albert decided to have fish for dinner (fresh sautéed barracuda).

            Albert felt sorry for the barracuda that he ate, so he got hundreds of fish statues and water fountains and placed them around the yard (he hated statues and fountains).

            Then came Monday. It was time for Albert’s first day of his new preschool. There, he learned the quadratic formula and what the teacher’s name was (Mrs. Teacher). He had a great time, and he made no friends, except for the teacher, who was his mom. Then he saw 2 kids with a twenty-dollar bill, so he decided to steal it.

            He ran up to the kids and pushed one down, taking the twenty-dollar bill. He ran away with it, but dropped it into a waterfall. Then a magical unicorn came and helped him drown the twenty, and then it took him home.

            At home, Albert decided to use the bathroom. While he was sitting down, the toilet bit him. He ran away screaming. The house became alive and went evil. He ran and ran, but doors sprang open and books flew off shelves. Within 2 minutes, he was out cold.

            The next day, Albert went to his writing class. It was mostly girls. When they saw an evil bee fly by, they all screamed. Albert decided to use his superhero powers and save the day. He jumped up and ran by the teacher, careful not to disturb the class. He carefully smashed the bee and snuck back, unnoticed by the teacher. Everyone called him a hero for saving the class from the evil bee. Albert became a hero worldwide.

 The End
                                               Alex Z., Age 14


 When I was 104 years old I was coming from my training boot camp called Nomuk when I got shot. 3 times. In my head. I’ll tell you what happened.
          So at Nomuk I was doing my daily sit-ups.
          “ONNEEEEE, TWWWOOO!!!”
Then the sergeant guy person walked by.
           “One-Hundred-Three, One-Hundred-Four!”
          “Hey, you’re doing good.”
          “Yeah well, one for every year I’ve lived.”
          “Hah! That’s the spirit finally someone gets it. So how about being head captain?”
          “Does that mean no more exercise!?”
          “No! That means double the exercise!J”
          “Ohhhh Uhhhh, then I can’t accept your offer.”
          “Why? Is it because you’re quitting or something!?”
          “Uhhh, I guess…”
          “Leave! I don’t care!”

          As soon as I walked outside a paintball hit me in the head.  Great a red paintball, so now I look like I’m constantly blushing…There was a gang shooting paintballs at the building.
          “OW! Hello! I’ve been shot with a paintball. Help…?”
I looked at the building.  Heh…Heh. It looks like a multi-colored candy cane.
Then I realized I should hide because I might get hit again. So I ran behind one of those really big garbage things.
          Yuck! It smells like cow poop back here!  I looked down and an inch next to my new peep toe hot pink pumps was a big pile of poop.
          How’d it get back here?
All of a sudden the gang ran away. I looked to the door of the building and about a hundred army dwarves came out. When they saw the colors of the building they went back inside to tell.
          Then I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was the gang. 
I guess they saw me…
They lifted up a gun to my head and told me not to tell on them, but then they didn’t trust me so they shot me.
          I guess I have a bigger red spot now………
 The End
                                            Stephany Z., 11


One fine day, while birds were chirping and butterflies were fluttering around, a huge tiger leaped over a fence from Allison's neighbor's yard. In his ferocious mouth was a helpless baby chipmunk who, in it, looked the size of a pencil's eraser. Astonished, Allison sprang to her feet knowing she would have to fight the beast to get the cute, lovable little chipmunk to safety. 

    Thus, the battle began. The tiger pounced and prodded, but Allison was too nimble on her feet to be caught herself. She got him in a headlock, twisted his ear mercilessly, and yanked his tail. The tiger roared with anger, exposing the chipmunk within. Thrusting her arm into the pit of his now open jaws, Allison snatched the baby chipmunk. Cradling the tiny animal and placing him in her rolled up shirt, she turned her laser gaze to the tiger, now shaking in fear. "Rarrrrarrr" she screeched at him, delivering the final blow in the battle for the chipmunk. The tiger knew he was beat, and so he just gave up, slinked away, tail tucked between his legs. 

Unrolling her shirt, Allison took the little guy and set him down him on the softest leaf in her garden and covered him with a hand woven blanket over his tiny, shivering body. Then she fed him with a baby bottle filled with warm milk. The beautiful moment was crushed when her mom screamed, "Allison! That chipmunk may carry diseases that will spread all over your body until you are covered with gigantic boils! Go take a hot bath and pour bleach in it, and don't come out until you're fingers are like prunes." 

While Allison was taking the bath, the tiny chipmunk, sleeping peacefully in his new bed, was abducted by space aliens and transported into another galaxy. Out there, the chipmunk was experimented on by heartless aliens, and when that was over, he was encased in a pod, and flung back to earth. 

Making a crash landing in her yard, the chipmunk was thrilled to see Allison again, much preferring her sweet face to those ugly, three eyeballed creatures from outer space. She cried with joy, tears streaming down her face and pooling at her feet, drenching her shoes. They embraced with a long, luxurious and heartfelt squeeze, but like most males, he had to leave. To this day, She has not seen him again, but you never know when he might just visit for one more hug. :-) 



One dark cold December, Liberty was riding her unicycle fast as the speed of light down Orchard Road (very steep hill.) Besides forgetting her helmet she also had a flat tire.

 As Liberty was going down the narrow hill, an enormous purple truck the size of an elephant came driving up Orchard Road. Liberty tried to pull off to the side of the road, but her flat tire wouldn’t allow her to. Her wheels wobbled.

“Beep, Beep!” the driver warned her to move to the side ……………”BAMB!” 
Liberty was lying on the concrete, blood covering her face and leg.

Then, the driver jumped out of his truck to check if Liberty was alive. Luckily a fire station was right next to him. The driver ran holding Liberty in his arms, he asked the firemen for help. Three firemen took Liberty to a hospital called Never Land.

At the front there was a little creature flying around. Her name was Tinkerbelle She said, “Put the girl in room 11, a very special doctor will check in on her with me.”

Liberty woke up lying in a bed. Her body was very sore. Next to her was a strange boy who said, “My name is Doctor Peter Pan. Your body is very sore because you have broken your arm and leg. In a few months you will be flying.” When Liberty heard the news that she had broken her arm and leg she knew NEVER EVER to ride her unicycle without a helmet and a good tire.

Esther S., 9



In these stories, the last letter of a word becomes the first letter of the next word to create a short one-paragraph story.

M Y T H S  &  L E G E N D S

Students interviewed classmates, then wrote a very exaggerated version of a story told to them. 

Albert threw whales slowly. Yet, the empty yoke especially yielded. Darts seem more effective, even nails do. Once éclairs smelled daring, except they yodel. Laughing, Grandpa Albert told deeper rhymes. So old did dinosaurs smell, like entrails sagging gruesomely. “Yeah,” hailed dangerous sharks, “sailing grapes so overloaded.” “Dung,” gurgled demon Narcissus. “Super rhino ominously yells.” “Hilarious story, yes,” said Dr. Raymond.      Dat The End
-Alex Z., Age 14

One Evening, Gina asked Danif for random meals, soda, and dandelions. She eats soda and dandelions so over rhinos she eagerly yelled, "Do 'ou use electricity?" Yet time enough, handsome Ethew walked down Noel Lane eating grape energy yogurts stopping Gina's somewhat terrifying growling.

--Olivia W, 13

One equinox X-ray yet to open nothing. “Guess Sam might take electronics so ordinarily.” Yet Tony yells so openly. “Yes! Sam made Ella ache electronics so obsessively.” Yesterday Yada ate elephants savoring. YAY! Yesterday yells super retarded!

Dat The End
                                      Stephany Z., 11
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