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for kidz 8-18

When I was very young & wanted to tell a story, 
I would draw pictures.

My Dad would hold the paper up proudly exclaiming:
   "What a wonderful house!"

Ugh, Dad --that's not a house.

To save Dad from embarrassment,
 Mom would chime in:

"Daddy's being silly, honey.  What 
lovely earrings you drew on that polar bear!"

How could my parents mistake 
a garden of talking flowers for an endangered animal in Arctic Circle?

My family was happy when I finally learned to draw my stories using letters.  It was easier to understand when I used words rather than crayons.    

I have been writing a very, very long time.   I like sharing what I know with young writers.  My students vary in age.  Sometimes almost twice as old as me, and sometimes 5 times younger than me.   And they all want to learn to be better writers -- because they have a passion for writing!

The links on this page are from my students, ages 8-16.     

If you are a teacher interested in hosting me for a Creative Writing Workshop, Camp or Class, you can contact me here.    If you are a student interested in submitting your work to this page, contact me here.  And if you are a beginning teacher looking for lesson plans, contact me here.

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