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Two Haikus
Cyrus J

Beautiful Colors
All around me, all the time
They are amazing

Trees,rocks, soil, people
It is so interesting
It’s the biggest gift



Hawaii I love
With the beaches I play at
Feel the nice ocean 

I want a sports car
Lamborghini I need now
to drive into town


Stafan Gavin

it is a hard life
selling paintings as a job
though it’s very fun.

it is a hard life
with too much strenuous work
living on a farm


Jenna Turtle

A blue lighting staff
A void purple fire ball
A solar power
How the Earth Became Round


In the past, hundreds and hundreds of years ago, people thought the earth was flat. But thousands and thousands of years ago, the earth truly was flat. How then, did the earth become round as it is today?
There were 3 goddesses: Apollo, the goddess of fire, Ensla, the goddess of existence, and Saturn, the goddess of water. Their abilities fit their name. Ensla, if killed, no life would exist forever. She could also breathe life into dead bodies , suck people’s soul, and change the way of the universe (for example, adding another earth.). If Saturn was killed, no water would survive. If Apollo was killed, all fire would die, and it would be impossible to create ones. She could also switch abilities with another goddess.
Ensla had decided that the earth should remain flat forever. But Apollo had an entirely different idea: the earth should become round.
Ensla had had decided to fetch Saturn, even though she had been the worst at solving problems. She always took an aggressive approach to things, which usually never works at any time. But it made sense to her anyway; why would Apollo help her solve a problem against herself?
Saturn had nothing to do with the problem until that point. And who else would she take advice from- an humble peasant or villager? So it simply made sense.
“Saturn, there is a horrible person, proposing a horrible thing, and I cannot stop her. What should I do?”
Ensla had accidently exaggerated the problem so much in fact the most aggressive answer was the best if the story really was what Ensla believed.
“Kill Her.”
That must work out all right!
Except when Ensla sneaked up behind Apollo and sucked out her soul, things did not go right. Instantly all fires burned out.
Suddenly Ensla started going into huge emotion. She had started to think that the earth should become round. At the same time, she had started to feel ashamed of what she had done.
So she breathed life into Apollo as one of her natural abilities. And then, Ensla declared, “I declare the earth is round!” 
And by the snap of a finger, the earth became round, as it remained for the remainder of history.

Why the Sun Exists


  Thousands of years ago the world was dark and cold. People were unhappy. Then one day a big and strong boy was born into the world. His name was Bob. 
Bob loved to play sports and play with his pit bull named Tuffy. But Bob kept missing the ball when he played baseball and losing his dog in the darkness.
 After striking out for the 100th time at bat he became so mad that he created an enormous ball of fire and, with a booming shout, threw it up into the sky where it stuck. The great ball of fire lit up the whole world. The people were so happy they cheered Bob’s name, stripped down to their underwear and did a sun dance.
The Very Haunted House


“Let’s go!” Livia shouted as she pulled her sister, Nina to the door. “Okay, okay!” Nina replied. They bustled  
through the town to the spray-painted woods. It had paths past the whole town. Livia navigated to the red path. They followed it and came to a mansion. There was spooky music playing, and Halloween games were set up outside. They ran to join friends from school. Suddenly the large oak doors creaked open and a man dressed as Dracula stepped out, saying “Come on in!” “follow the yellow paved path to fun spooktivities!

Ten minutes went by quickly, but then a loud groan came through the ground. “Everyone go!” it yelled. Nobody moved, and then Hulu Dorraw’s ghost appeared out of nowhere and spewed out arrows. Everyone disappeared.

The Disappearing

Cyrus J

Once upon a time there were these brother named Billy and Bobby. They both loved to find new things. One day, they decided they wanted to go ghost hunting, so they went to the nearest cemetery and tried to summon a ghost. After 10 minutes they couldn't find anything, after 30 minutes, there was still no luck.
“This is so dumb, there probably is no such thing as a ghost. Even if there was, they’re probably really stupid.” Bobby said.
“Yeah” Billy agreed. And so they both went back to their house, angry and sad that they couldn't find anything. When they got back to their house, everything was normal, until midnight struck.
“Crash!” Billy and Bobby both heard the sound, so they ran out of their bedrooms, turned on the lights and saw what had happened. They saw their moms favorite flower pot in pieces.
“Mom’s gonna be so mad.” Billy said. A few seconds after the lights flickered and then shut off.
“What the heck is happening!?” Bobby screamed.They then heard a sound at the front door. They opened the door and saw who was there. It was a tall, old man who had plain white eyes. The old man then started hovering above the ground. Billy screamed.
“W-Why are you here?” Bobby stammered. 
“Don't you remember what you said about us ghosts? Well now you’re gonna pay.” The ghost replied. Seconds later, the boys and the ghost both vanished and could not be found. 72 years later a fisherman saw the boy’s skeleton on the edge of a long river. And the fisherman saw something spelled out with the bones. He read,
“YOU’RE NEXT” The fisherman was then taken by the same ghost and for years the ghost kept on doing what he did. He had taken hundreds of people and he wasn't going to stop.

My Myth


To be considerate to people is one of the main rules of being nice, but thousands of years ago people didn’t know how or that you should be considerate to everyone. People usually lived mean,cruel lives.Until one day. Joey and Jimmy were the cruelest kids in the school, they bullied and teased kids. As you probably guessed these two kids were not very popular and they were slowly getting tired of being the most hated kids in school. The two kids tried everything they could do to change people's mindsets about them. When they all failed, they were so miserable and angry that they decided to blow up the whole town. It was only after they realized how much damage they could have done that they decided that they should be nicer and would be nicer. They apologized and started helping their community to be better and so they became they nicest kids and they became popular.

Tennis Poem




The ball comes 

I hit it 

I won the Match.

Tennis with a ball

You can fall

And get hurt

So don’t play on dirt

You can be double

You can play signals also

Family plays too


A girl was at the tennis court, and hit a winner. Straight through the middle. It was hit it at exactly 10:00. It was her best backhand ever. 
A Monologue

I’m glad I took this camp, but I feel bad that I slammed my opponent. I almost broke my racket.
I am so scared. She is the best of all. Run run away!
Two Perspectives


Totoro's Perspective

Jack is big

He likes tasty foods

He thinks I’m fluffy

Jack’s Perspective

I love Totoro

I think he’s cute and fluffy

He is very soft
Alphabet Food Fight


Apples are good,
Bob Fenkle said
Charlie disagreed.
Edamame tasted better
Fenkle said "no, I hate edamame"
Gerald said "it doesn't matter." 
"Hey! Of course it does," said Bob
'I don't think it does," Xavier said
"Jack said it does" Bob said. "I think apples RULE"
Ken said," You THINK so. I think edamame rules."
Like I said, "You think so.'
'Man, I do think so. edamame rules.'
'No, apples rule!!'
'Of course edamame rules.'
"Please say apples rule.'
"Quote: you are wrong."
"Stop it!', said Gerald.
"Totally won't!'
"U really should!' Xavier said.
"Very right,' Gerald said,
Xavier said,'Just stop.'
'Yikes, you really should stop!' 
Z'and, the teacher of course said,"This is over with."