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Animals are cool.
They find their own solutions.
I admire that.

Will Riley

I am so thirsty
Needing one sip of water
Soon about to die

By: Leila Hamidi

How the bear got its short tail

Once upon a time there lived a family of bears with long furry tails. This was in the ice age time. It all starded when a clever fox wanted to be the only animal with a long furry tail. One day the fox tricked the bear saying something like this: “What a nice cold day to catch fish!” Cried the fox to catch the bears a attention. “How do you catch fish?” Asked the bear from his den. The fox grined. He knew his plan would work. “Well, if you come out of your cozy den then I can teach you.” The fox added. So the big grizy bear came out with his furry tail. “So how do you catch fish?” Asked the grizy bear in his sleepy voice. “Follow me!” said the fox. “This is how you do it!” “First you put you your tail in the ice cold water and wait until you feel a fish biting your tail and when you feel it pool your tail out of the water and you should get a fish.” said the fox. So the bear tried it. When the ice froze the bears tail was stuck in the ice! The fox cried “You have a fish!” The bear pulled and pulled…
The bear's tail fell off and he had no fish! The bear was so angry that he did not notice that his tail fell off! And they bred with a short tail! And that’s why bears have short tails!

  By Leila Martyenenko

Rhyming Poem

Ball streaming, swooshing through the air.
​Feet, meters, not close to fair.

Everything unlike coach had said,
The rushing ball had hit my head.

​By Will Riley

Free Verse

I'm stuck
I can't think
what should I write?
I don't know. 

I almost got an idea 
but I just forgot
I look up at the boring ceilng
and lose track of time 

Teacher gives 5 min. warning
get out of day dreaming
finally I get an idea!
Free Verse

It was sunny
Relaxation was key 
They went to the market 
It was me and my mom
Sitting on a couch 

It was spotless 
No glass
I walk back but now with a trail of blood 
Shiny and red 
I look bit I can not find the glass
Where did it go 
It disappeared 

A few days passed 
I still can’t find it 
It must have been tiny it could have fell out

Dinner is ready 
I look to see if it is still there 
And there it was 
Pointy and shiny
But not small

 Emilie Tham 

How The Unicorn Became A Horse 

The beautiful, noble and pure unicorn stands on the grassy mountainous hill, and looked down at the water gazing in the water asking “why do I have a horn” suddenly heard “help me” so that unicorn went to see what was happening.
Then saw that a man was carrying a unicorn and the man said “give me your your horn and I will give you back your friend.” And so the unicorn gave it’s horn but it still kept beautiful color for its sacrifice.The man told other people how to get a unicorns horn and so that is how unicorns became horses.

by Emilie Tham