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Ravena Lynch worked tirelessly on her new novel, titled
'Sakura in the Sky', about a young girl named Sakura Bell who was
diagnosed with cancer in her brain at age four
Sakura was in Japan visiting her
grandmother, grandfather, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends on her
mother's side
when she began limping and leaning heavily on her left leg
Her family
was one week away from heading home to America when Sakura began
complaining that her leg hurt
The little girl was rushed to a Japanese hospital
at once, and the doctors announced she had a pontine glioma in her
brain stem, and her
days were sadly limited
Sakura's parents notified the entire Bell
family at once, and for two tense days the family scoured the Internet
for anything that might
give poor Sakura a chance
A dim light in the petrifying darkness lit
as Sakura's auntie Bella found a new hospital that had surgeons who
specialized in
brain cancer
The Bells traveled to the hospital at once, and were
given a second opinion on the tumor
It was not a fatal pontine glioma
after all. 
This kind
of tumor was called a pilocytic tumor, still in the brain stem, but
not untreatable
Sakura grew up to be a lovely girl who had a big
her empathy powers
The operation on Sakura's brain had left an awareness of the world
that not many people had
Little did her fans know that little Sakura was based off of Ravena
 Ravena had in fact had a brain tumor when she was four years
old, and
her Japanese name was Sakura
Sakura in Japanese means 'cherry
blossoms', the most beautiful pink rosy flower that bloomed in Japan
every Spring
Cherry blossoms gave Ravena hope and inspiration, and led her to
realize that she may not be the most normal girl in the world... And
finally, Ravena had finished
It instantly made the New York Times Bestselling list, got
brilliant reviews, the Newbery Award, and was made into a
heartwarming, Oscar-winning
film the next year
Ravena lived peacefully with her cats Griffin and Smoky, inspired by
her favorite book Harry Potter to write six sequels to 'Sakura in the
Sky', each more
successful than the last
But 'Sakura in the Sky' remained the most
successful, and Ravena smiled as she spoke her last words, "My life is
not yet over. Sakura will live
on in memory and heart, and I am glad, for that."
And a new baby was
born right as Ravena died
 This little girl was named Raven
Raven was Ravena in a new life
 As soon as she reached one year old,
Raven knew the American alphabet and the Japanese hiragana
At four
years old, she
survived a pilocytic brain tumor
She grew up with Ravena's empathy
power in her, and the world knew that Ravena Lynch had left a deep
mark, too big for her ever
to have truly departed

By Emma, Age 12

Short Stories

The End of the World

Chapter 1

One cloudy and raining summer morning John and his Mom were sick. Just because John is sick doesn't mean he can go to the library but, his Mom as very sick. He went to the library to search up a medicine that cursed her. He searched for hours and hours and finally found a medicine. It was a special lily at the end of the world. He knew that it was dangerous but, he had to have it for his Mom. It was 11.08 million miles away from New York to the End of the World in Japan if he went east. But, if he went west that is 5.8 ten thousand miles away. So he went west but, he had to pack.

Chapter 2

He packed a Japanese Dictionary, Japanese Money, passport and food. Oops - I forgot, a picture of his Mom and Money to Bart and "SFO" as in "San Francisco Airport." That's like 4.4 thousand miles away. Plus 20 dollars to Oakland, California, the New York plan can only go 4.6 thousand miles. It's because the right wing is broken and 20 dollars more to get back. So John had to pack like 50 dollars of Japanese money and 60 dollars, plus rope.

Chapter 3
He walked to the New York Airport and then to 19th Street Oakland. He could go on the green or orange train because it crashed. He went passed 9 stations then to the "SFO" to Japan. As he reached Japan he took the Japanese dictionary and oh-no he forgot a MAP!!!!

Chapter 4
John didn't know how to get to the end of the world without a map. He decided to ask. "Hello!!!"
"Yes," said a voice behind him. It was...

Chapter 5
"Carol!" John said with a smile on his face.
Carol told John about her father being sick and the special lily, like John's story.
"I didn't bring a map," said John, "But I did," Carol said. She took out a map and said turn left. But she didn't know that they had o turn right because Carol read it upside down.

Chapter 6
Carol said, "The end of the world is to your left and it should be here."
"But where is it?" said John. Then out of nowhere came out the most scary monster of all the scariest ones a half dragon and rattle snake!

Chapter 7
John mouth came out wide open. Carol was terrified and screamed and shouted, "Help! The Monster ran away because she was loud! The monster cried "oh no," it was a baby. John laughed and held on the baby tail and the baby tail went up and down left to right. Carol said "Get down!" But John just laughed. Then the mom came and....

Chapter 8
John screamed and Carol laughed. Carol jumped and jumped into a gem came out and made Carol and John disappear in thin air. They appear next to a girl half boy then again Carol and John sc....laughed. John pulled her as in his her ears. Carol pulled her feet. They both threw her into poison ivy, then screamed.

Chapter 9
They ran and ran then they stopped and saw the end of the world! As they picked up a dragon came out of nowhere and said "You cannot!" Carol said "Peace and the dragon disappeared then John kissed Carol and they got the lily and gave it their Mom and Dad and got married.

By Kaitlyn, 8
PROMPT:  Students were instructed to make a list of 5-10 things about themselves and to use those facts in a story.  Students could exaggerate or alter any of the facts, but they were to be inspired by the truths they find in their own lives.
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John wakes up after a week of camping, ready to go home with his dad. He knows his mom is waiting at home with the three dogs. On the three hour drive home John almost falls asleep, but they stop an hour into the drive at In N Out, a fast food place. After John gets two orders of French fries and everyone eats they get ready to go. When they arrive at the meeting spot, all the other boy scouts go home with their parents while John drives with his dad home. When he arrives home, John tells his dogs and his mom that he missed them. After everyone says “welcome back” and “we missed you”, John and Jason take a break to relax on the computer and say hi to some of their online friends. After they play for an hour, their mom makes them get off. So they all play a game of Monopoly, and John ends up winning, like always. When John wins, Jason says that he cheated and they get into a fight -- until mom quickly breaks it up. After the game they eat gluten free dairy free pesto pasta and everyone loves it. Finally, John gets a good night rest on a real bed. Unlike camp, he doesn’t sleep in a sleeping bag on wood planks. The next morning John is rudely awoken by his big husky, Nalla, and his Maltese, Rascal. He quickly thinks that the welcoming party has finally come and said “welcome back, John”. After a couple days mom announces that she is getting an inflatable pool in the backyard, and ends up being sent the wrong one. Once it is filled up she notices that it suppose to be circle. Not Oval. Even though she will have to order a new one and let all of the water out she tries to make the best of it by bringing the little dogs in and trying to bring Nalla in. Nalla won’t budge. She will only put her front paws in and her “Shnoze” as mom says, instead of nose. Other than that Nalla will try to bite splashes of water when you splash the water in front of her when she’s standing on the side of the pool. Splashing her from the other side of the pool or throwing water in the air will freak her out. While everyone was trying to get Nalla in the pool the little dogs were happily swimming around the pool without a worry in the world. The little dogs finally decided to get out by getting John to pull them out and dry them off. Everyone decided to give up on getting Nalla in the pool, until the next day. Jason went out by himself and grabbed Nalla and plopped her in the pool and swam with her. Mom and John were amazed. Jason said all he had to do was slowly grab her and plop her in while John and mom tried to just quickly put her in. As Jason is bragging about getting Nalla in, John splashes Jason with the water and says, “That’s for calling me a cheater in monopoly.” 

The End                                                                                                                      By Ryan, Age 13

          Green is a color                                                                      Blue is the Ocean

         Green is a mix of colors                                                          Blue is the vast sky above

          Yellow and blue Mixed                                                             Blue is sad and cold

                                                                 Black is the darkness

                                                               Black is the eternal void

                                                              Black is space and stars

            Dogs make happiness                                                          Technology hurts

           Dogs are fluffy and furry                                                        Technology sees all things

             Dogs are all colors                                                               Technology heals

                                                             Shapes are all different

                                                   Shapes are square and are triangle

                                                             Rectangles are shapes

 By Ryan S., Age 13


Chapter 1
One boring Saturday, and Kate didn’t know what to do. “Kate! Time for lunch!” Kate didn’t care for lunch. She read all of her books, finished her website, she did all of her work played piano, painted a picture and she still didn’t know what to do. She walked to her bedroom door and she spotted a door on the ceiling.
Kate wondered what was up there. She grabbed a ladder and climbed up. She saw a key glowing in full darkness. Kate looked at it to make sure it was a key, then, she touched the key and held the key. Then, a flash of light sparkled everywhere. She noticed glowing light flashing from under the door.
Chapter 2
Kate opened a trapped door and spotted a chest she had never seen before. She knows it’s locked, she opened it with the key. She opened it and books popped out and danced around the floor like crazy -- even one danced on its head!
Chapter 3
Kate couldn’t stop the books from dancing and she felt dizzy. She thought of the books and thought she should dance with them. But they couldn’t stop dancing. Kate sat down and waited and waited and waited. She said to the books, “please stop please! I will make the chest neater and cleaner plus comfortable. “
The book wrote down “C”, an “a”, a “n”, a “Y”, an “O”, an “U,” a “R,” an “E,” an “A,” a “D,” an “U” and a “S.”
Sure, Kate said and Kate was never boring again. But again the books will dance. Plus, Kate was hungry because she missed lunch.                                                                               by Kaitlyn, Age 8

                                          It's 2067, and a nuclear fallout has happened no more than 2 years ago.

                                         Parker has been hiding in a nuclear bunker, with at least 40 others, and is     
                                         running out of food. The few scientists that are in the bunker are trying to 
                                         grow more food with Petri dishes. All of the attempts have failed until Parker 
                                         talked to his friend, who was a scientist, Eric. Eric gave Parker one of the 
                                          Petri dishes. He played with his friends, not using the Petri dish. Then he 
                                         was dared to go outside, which you weren’t supposed to do unless going to 
                                         get water and were authorized by the Elders. Parker then quickly ran 
                                        outside and saw a pig, all alone. He tied a burnt piece of rope around the 
                                        pig’s neck and pulled her inside. As soon as Parker got inside, everyone was waiting, astonished at what he brought in doors. This is the first live animal they’ve seen in a long time. Parker was smart, and quickly put some of the pig’s cells on the Petri dish. The scientists immediately checked its radiation level, how healthy, gender, and more. They figured out the pig was female, and pregnant. Legally, the pig was Parker's and he wanted it back. The scientists begged for the pig, to no avail. Parker loved his new pig and named her Samantha, his mother’s name. Parker’s mother is in a different bunker about 2 miles away, and is too much radiation for a body to handle. 

Samantha soon had birth to 5 healthy little piglets: Jumbo, Oinkers, Tina, Bacone, and Sam. The little pigs had lots of fun running around the small bunker. All of the pigs had their name for a reason. Jumbo for being big, Oinkers for making Noise, Tina for being tiny, Bacone for hearing his father talking about Bacon and misspelling it, and Sam after his mother. All together he had 6 piggies. Meanwhile, the Petri dish was growing meat that you could eat and when Eric asked for it back he was amazed, and showed the other scientists. The scientists quickly got many Petri dishes and swiped the pigs and helped them grow. Parker’s pigs on the other hand, were growing as he was until they were big, too. When the food problem was solved, by growing food on Petri dishes, Parker was nominated a hero, and was given an award. By the end of the year, Parkers one wish that the elders granted for solving the food problem was to see his mother, so they started a tunnel to the other bunker. When they made it to the other bunker, his mother was walking around the garden and harvesting all of the plants and replanting the carrots. Parker had never seen these foods called “fruits” and “vegetables”. Parkers mom immediately sprung to life when a hole in the bunker appeared and ran to see what it was. She started to cry when she saw Parker and her husband, who she thought died in the bombings two years ago. The whole family was happily reunited.

By Ryan, Age 13
PROMPT:  Science fiction is often inspired by real life possibilities.  After reading a newspaper article on the first hamburger grown in a petri dish, students were asked to write a short story, allowing themselves to be inspired by what they had read.

S C I E N C E   F I C T I O N 

ORANGE                                                                                               BLANKETS

Bright Happy Joyful                                                                             Getting wrapped up in
Laughing Hard, Skipping Higher                                                         Cuddling all day long, I Purr
Orange Is Color                                                                                   Blankets keep me warm

I Light Up The Sky                                                                              Sleep with it at night
Burning Down On Kids Faces                                                            Rub Its Softness On My Skin
Setting During Dawn                                                                          Always Comforts  Me

Juicy Delicious                                                                                 It Gets Laid On Me
Cannot get enough Of It                                                                  Blankets always being fixed
Tasty Oranges                                                                                  Messed Up In Morning

By Abby, Age 12
was an only child
Born on New Years Day
her family
knew she’d be lucky

She was born

People would stop
On the streets to say
“What a cute baby you’ve got’
“You must be so proud”
Lily’s parents
Would smile and nod
Like they knew it
All along

At one year
Lily knew how to
Read hiragana
the easiest Japanese alphabet
still harder than the American one
which she knew how to read too

At one year 
Lily was walking
and Slowly
Taking her time
She stood
Her first steps

Her parents were
“We’ve got a genius baby”
they would say
“A genius, hear that, Lily”
“You’ll be a genius”

took her time
But her own pace 
was faster
than any other
She went to preschool
First grade
age three to six
she was reading chapter books
than any other

Her teachers were 
“You’ve got a genius baby”
They’d say to her parents
“A genius, hear that, Lily”
“You’ll be a genius”

Lily heard
But didn’t understand
Couldn’t every one of her friends
Read chapter books?

“No, Lily”
“You’re special”
And her parents would smile and nod
Like they knew it
All along

grew bigger
than any other

She went to second grade
Seven years old
She was smaller than some
Bigger than some
She met her teacher
Ms. Montez
She met her best friend
Ravena Lynch

had an older sister
Sophia, they called her
Sophia Lynch
Sophia was smart
She taught Lily
how to

Lily liked Sophia
So did Ravena
And Sophia liked Lily
She liked Ravena too

Ravena always 
played with Lily
but Lily
wasn’t interested
in monkey bars
or swingsets
or slides

Lily stayed inside
At recess and lunch
To work with Ms. Montez
on new things
like double digit subtraction
And multiplication

Ravena was smart
But didn’t know 
How Lily understood
double digit subtraction
And multiplication

Lily helped Ravena
with her addition worksheets
Ravena liked Lily
but didn’t quite understand her

Second grade passed
Ms. Montez told Lily
“Visit me”
“I’ll help you with your history”

Lily nodded
but inside
she didn’t need any help
with history

Lily’s new teacher
was called Mrs. Stevens
Mrs. Stevens was very strict
She didn’t let Lily stay in
at recess
to work on math that was 
more her level

Lily didn’t like Mrs. Stevens
She told her parents so
But her parents only smiled
And nodded
like they knew it all along

Lily and Ravena made a new friend
She was called Kelsey
Kelsey was a new girl at school
She was very small and liked to play

Lily tolerated Kelsey 
but didn’t like the way she would
force her to play unicorns with
Ravena and her

Ravena didn’t like Kelsey much either
Kelsey seemed so immature sometimes
Ravena was becoming more studious

Eventually, Kelsey got into a fight with Lily
because Lily didn’t want to play unicorns
With her
Lily, Kelsey and Ravena were taken into the 
Principal’s office
Lily was confused
Kelsey seemed not to like the way that
Two-digit multiplication made
so much sense
The principal took Kelsey and Ravena into 
Another room
Lily was taken into a new classroom
The kids looked so much bigger
The numbers, too

“Try fourth grade” 
The principal told her
“Maybe you’ll like it better here”

Lily’s new teacher was very nice
She was called Miss Solomon

Miss Solomon gave Lily a desk
next to a nice looking girl
Lily’s name tag read ‘LILY”
In big black letters

The girl who sat next to her
Was called Emery
Emery Wayland, she said

Emery had pale blond hair
Pale blue eyes
She was beautiful
Everybody said that she was
the most popular

Emery showed Lily her friends
Two pretty girls
One named Cecily
with straight black hair
and soft hazel eyes
One named Imogene
with soft, brown hair in neat ringlets
and big sweet green eyes

Lily, Emery
Cecily and Imogene
became fast friends
Ravena became their friend too
Emery said that Ravena was pretty too
with her sparkling blue eyes
and jet black curls
“You’re pretty too, Lily” Emery told her
“With those soft brown eyes, and naturally highlighted hair”
Lily had no idea
What Emery was talking about
But her studies were going smoothly
While everybody else was working on cursive
Loopy, loony writing that Lily didn’t like
Lily was scrawling the Pythagorean Theorem on a 
sticky note
out of a seventh grade textbook
someone must’ve left in there

Miss Solomon caught her 
“Are you writing notes, Lily” she scolded
“Who are they for”

“Me” Lily told her
“I’m going to ask my dad about 
the Pythagorean Theorem
when I get home”

The class was buzzing
Miss Solomon went white
Yanked Lily out of the classroom
Took her to the principal’s office
After the principal and Miss Solomon
talked in low, hushed tones
Lily’s dad came
Picked her up
Took her away from
her grade school
her friends

Lily’s dad took her to another school
a big one
Lily felt scared
The principal of the new school put her in
Seventh grade
from fourth to seventh
with no friends

You had to travel
All around the school
Class to class
in this new big school
called middle school

Lily’s first class was science
Science was easy
all you had to do was label
regions of the Earth
Lily already knew that stuff

Lily’s science teacher was named
Ms. Tracy
Ms. Tracy was nice
but treated Lily like she was two

Lily’s second class was math
This class was better
The teacher, Mr. Cliffe,
treated her like a real
middle school student

She also learned the
Pythagorean Theorem
and learned that 
who invented it
was an ancient Greek 

Lily also made two friends
Alexandra and Holly
both twelve years old
They treated her like Mr. Cliffe did
a real middle school student

Lily’s third class was history 
In history they were learning about 
Ancient Greece
to her delight
Her teacher was called
Miss Riley
Miss Riley was nice
like Mr. Cliffe
treated Lily like a middle school student
Holly was in her history class
They sat together and worked on
“Ancient Greek Mathematician” worksheets

Lily was happier than before
from fourth to seventh
with two friends

Her fourth class was language arts
Alexandra was in it with her
The teacher, Miss Wagner
was very nice
Miss Wagner liked Lily
Lily liked Miss Wagner
From then on
Miss Wagner was Lily’s favorite teacher
and language arts, her favorite subject

Lily met another girl
in her fifth class of the day
She was called Claire
Claire Beery
Claire was not very nice
not smart either
Claire was brawny
Hung out with the jocks

Claire taunted Lily
“Bit small to be a seventh grader, aren’t you?”

Lily concentrated on dribbling the soccer ball
She wasn’t very good at soccer

“Little Lily, that’s what I’ll call you” 
 Claire jeered.
“Little loony Lily”

“Cut it out, Claire”
A new voice, one that was like wind chimes
Swaying merrily in the gently blowing wind
“She’s nearly as tall as Willow and I”

“That’s ‘cause you’re way short”
Claire spoke defensively
“Willow, too”

“Well, if I’m short, Lily’s tall”
The wind-chime girl stepped out
“And Willow’s pretty tall”

“Screw you, Emma-Rose”
Claire stalked away
Her posse followed her

The girl, Emma-Rose, helped Lily up
“Sorry about Claire”

“That’s okay, you were brilliant”
Lily responded shyly

Emma-Rose had curly brown hair
It gleamed gold in the sunlight
like molten copper
Boys stopped their game of kickball
To see her
Her eyes were a warm chocolate brown
She was small, easily Emery’s height

Three girls stood behind her
“This is Willow, my sister”
Emma-Rose indicated a girl

Willow was tall
Her name fit her
She was slender
with white-blond ringlets
and soft green eyes

“This is Artemis, my best friend”
She indicated another girl

Artemis was smaller than Willow
Taller than Emma-Rose
Her jet-black hair grew just past her chin
Her icy blue eyes
Icier than Emery’s
but she was kind
and if you looked hard enough
you could see
a sort of
around her

“This is Athena”
Emma-Rose indicated the last girl
“Artemis’s sister and Willow’s best friend”

had wild brown hair
pretty, but not ringlets like Willow or Emma-Rose
Her big brown eyes
pretty and sweet
the least pretty of the lot
but still

“Claire’s not always bad”
another girl came up
“Go away, Chrissy”
Emma-Rose and her friends 
sort of formed 
a protective
around me

“I keep telling you”
Chrissy narrowed her eyes
“It’s Chrysanthemum
Bet you don’t know what that is, Loony Lily”

“It’s a type of flower” 
Lily immediately spoke
“Looks like a daisy”

Willow, Emma-Rose, Artemis, Athena and Chrissy stared
Finally, Athena said
“Go away Chrissy”

Chrissy went away
whispered to Claire
Claire laughed

Physical Education
Lily was free to go home

Emma-Rose walked with Lily
back to her mother’s car
“See you tomorrow, Lily”

“Yes, see you tomorrow” 
Alexandra and Holly
were right

“See you”

Lily waved

“Looks like you made friends”
her mother smiled

echoed Lily
“I made friends”

Lily had finally found where she

By Emma, Age 12

PROMPT:  Students could write on any subject matter they wished and in any genre
Julius shuddered as he heard Amelia cough. 
He hated hearing people cough because Julius knew that 
a common cough like that is the only thing that could kill him. 
Julius was a special monkey; he has lived for over a 
hundred and sixty years. There was a special cell in
 his body that made him immortal; he would never die, 
(unless he caught the common cold) never completing
 the full circle of life. He was like a pebble stuck at the 
bottom of a river, never moving, never changing.
 Julius belonged to a family, a family that loved him and
 would keep his secret with all their life. In his family there 
was Amelia (the youngest of them all), Mike, Mama, and Papa. They all knew that if Julius’ secret got out that the world would be forever changed; scientists would take him away and put into a lab to be tested on (for testing). Whisked away forever. Once the scientist would find the cell in his body they would produce it and sell it like the newest toy.
 Imagine a life where nobody died. Every human on the circle of life but never falling off. Stuck at the bottom of a river, never moving, never changing. Now that would be a horrible world. This is why (keeping) Julius’s secret was sooo darn important to be kept.  
Even though this family would do anything for Julius the Millhams had never gone on vacation, had friends over, or even gone out for dinner trying to keep him safe as possible. The Millhams were growing tired of these ways of life. So the Milhams decided to plan a family vacation this summer to Costa Rica. They would be gone for one week soaking up the sun and enjoying the life that they hadn’t really lived yet. When you love something, set it free -- and that’s what the Millhams were going to do for the first time. All though they were nervous going on at least one vacation in their life was a must.
Papa started looking at places for Julius to stay while they were gone. He researched zoos, foster care, pounds, other families, and many more. Finally Papa came across an Apes and Monkeys Daycare located twenty minutes away from their residence. 
“Ooohh ahhh awww,” Julius screeched as we all approached the front door of the daycare. He was frightened beyond belief. Julius had never been in an environment besides his own house. Then unexpectedly he sat on the black asphalt and started hitting it.
“Ooh ooh ahh aah!!!!!” He shouted. Pain shivered up and down Amelia’s back even though she knew this was the best place for Julius to go while they were on vacation it hurt her to see him like this. His pupils were as big as watermelons and his chocolate brown fur stood up on end. Julius was afraid of the unknown and not even close to stepping out of his comfort zone, but it had to be done. Amelia grabbed Julius’s fist and started stroking it peacefully. Now his clenched fist was open so Amelia took it and walked him inside the Apes and Monkey Daycare. Then, a caretaker led Julius in to the Monkey with a trail of dried banana’s. The Millhams all gathered by the window looking into Julius’s habitat with all sorts of different monkeys and waved at Julius. Julius was hurt; the only thing he’s ever known was leaving him and all he knew it was forever. So Julius turned his back away from them, only to face fake jungle wallpaper. Heads hung low Amelia, Mike, Mama, and Papa meandered out the door and left for Costa Rica.
Monkey’s were everywhere swinging, jumping, climbing, eating, fighting, sleeping and other grey areas of movement. Meanwhile excluding himself from the fun, Julius sat in the corner and rocked himself back-forth-back-forth while grooming down his fluffed up fur. The habitat consists of dirt on the floor, many different wood “jungle gym” type structures for climbing and resting, thick ropes hung from the ceilings (for swinging), platforms where they xxdump the food (each and every morning and night), as well as some grasses growing -- but not many. The worst of it was the walls had wallpaper that would mock the monkeys, it was a jungle wallpaper, just making them dream of what it would be like to be out in the jungle free as could be. These Monkeys were basically trapped in a jail.
The first day Julius stayed under cover and unseen by any other monkeys, he minded his own business casually walking around his new home looking for food. Finally he saw where he was to get his food, up on top of a metal platform. At the moment Julius was as hungry as a hippo but all the food on the platform was gone. Little did Julius know that if he wants to get as little as a half a banana he was going to have to fight for it. All of the caretakers here were not very nice; they gave the monkeys as little food as possible trying to save money. His heart sank and he curled up in a ball at the bottom of a wood structure.
Day two was well underway when Julius woke up from a surprisingly happy dream. Amelia and Mike had made his favorite food coconut strawberry and banana smoothie… Well back to reality, Julius has been discovered and the newest food had already been taken. Monkeys were screeching and throwing banana peels and coconut shells at Julius, but he didn’t feel a thing because he was immortal. 
“For once my immortality was useful,” Julius thought proudly. More and more monkeys now were joining in with the throwing. They were using all their force to hurl these objects at poor Julius. What did he do to deserve such hatred and harm? All he did was wake up from a peaceful dream. By now the out –of- control monkeys have been mad at Julius for around 30 minutes but still Julius hadn’t yelped, gotten angry, stood up, not anything. If Julius was tested for percentage to attack he would most likely score in the 1 percentile. 
The caretakers were looking down at Julius with suspicion, he had never seen a monkey that wouldn’t try to fight back or rebel. 
“Ay, look it’s the newcomer getting a beating on. Hahaah its so funny watching the new ones trying to fit in,” said Sam, who was walking up to his caretaker, a mousy woman xxnamed Louise.
“Yeah I’ve been watching. This one’s weird he doesn’t want to fight back,” said Louise.
“I wonder why… Who brought him in?” Sam asked.
“Uhhhh, some family named the Millers I think,” Louise guessed. Louise couldn’t remember someone’s name two seconds after she met them. Let’s just say these caretakers weren’t the sharpest knifes in the drawer. In fact, they were probably the dullest ones.
A (taunting Julius for several hours) (breakfast) , the wild monkeys settled down and went back to sleep. And so did Julius. Another day went by and Julius still didn’t want to fight for food. His tummy rumbled and ached of starvation. Meandering around, he found a comfy spot of grass and settled down for the night.
”Cough ** Cough * Cough,” a monkey unleashed. Julius quivered with fear; he was so scared that he too was going to get this awful disease. Immortality means your suppose to live forever, but he could die in just a matter of minutes.
“Oohh ahaahh,” Julius whimpered. Next, he ran as far as he could from that evil ape only to find another primate coughing right next to him. This jail cell was infested. Primate after primate coughing, sneezing, throwing up. Julius had to get out of here. It was his only chance for survival. In every direction chimpanzees were hacking. Struggling. Humans have medicine, why couldn’t they have medicine to???
“OOOOOOHHHHHHH AHHHHHHH AHHHHH OOOHHHHHH,” Julius screeched at the top of his lounges. “AAAHHH OHHH.”
“What is that ruckus?” questioned Sam.
“I dunno,” Louise mumbled.
“I’m gonna go check it out,” Sam insisted. So he scurried around to the door of the habitat, keys jingling. When Sam opened the door, silence echoed throughout the room. Quiet enough that you could hear a banana peel drop. “Now which one of you is causing all that noise,” Sam said infuriated. Fingers pointed across the room all to Julius. Then, Julius raised his hand like he had just won the lottery.
“You scoundrel,” spat Sam.
“Awwww,” Julius moaned.
 “Come with me,” beckoned Sam.
“Yesssssssssss,” Julius thought. So he sauntered with Sam into a dark room with cold silver metal poles. 
“This is where all the bad monkeys go. You Mister, have earned that title.” Julius was thrown into a cage with only a rope hanging from the ceiling. He felt very weak, breathing hard, and whimpering softly between each breathe. He had caught that nasty cold. Julius sat in the middle of the hard cement cell helplessly; there was nothing that he could do. All he thought of was his nice, loving, sweet, caring family. Julius had short breathes, but he took one more deep breathe in and…
His Immortality was gone. 

By Abby, Age 12


Two scientists, one man, one woman, stalked hurriedly into the laboratory. They were wearing long white billowing coats that in black lettering read, “Government scientists”. 

“How is it going,” the man asked abruptly. 

 “Fine,” Lillian answered not looking up. “But I have been informed it’s not possible to try digging underground to save us, with a population of eight billion humans, the heat will still reach us. And now onto Plan Z, I don’t think, I’m going to make it in time-- and the others,” she said throwing an unrepeatable swear word and disgusted glance at the twenty other scientists huddled in the room murmuring in hushed voices, “have given up, and refuse to help.” 

“You must make it,” the woman exclaimed, the man nodding, “Or we all die.” She smiled and added, “But no pressure”

“That didn’t help,” Lillian thought rolling her eyes, no pressure indeed. “Gilligan, Sophie, I need help, and fast. We only have eleven hours before the sun’s nebula explodes engulfing Earth’s surface.” Lillian looked at the clock, 1:05 p.m., and winced. “Or it doesn’t, it just engulfs Mercury and Venus but it gets too hot and Earth boils, which would probably be worst. At the stroke of midnight, it will happen, it will have been exactly twelve billion years since 2013.”

They grabbed goggles, pulled on plastic leaded gloves, and came to her aid. Lillian gazed at the Puter9000 which read the charts of the different bacteria and cells in the petri dish. Gillian looked through the Kooposcop that magnified organisms a million times, while Sophie called out the readings from the old fashioned Icomputer6000. We finally were doing it. Lillian wondered if she and her colleagues could do it. Create another earth using the cells and bacteria of anthropoid (human) and Earth. She knew they would all die in the end, but if they could put out another Earth before they died, there just was a… chance. A chance that bacteria would form on this new Earth, which might, in a thousand years, lead to intelligent life. But there was a 1% chance they would succeed and a 99% chance they would fail, according to their data, the data section of the government scientists had provided.

“Maybe we should have listened to the critics, and have flown the three space shuttles that seat a thousand people to Mars, it would only take two days” Lillian thought, but knew deep down that was impossible. The atmosphere was thin and contained pneumonia, and they didn’t have enough oxygen for three thousand people. “Or maybe we could go to Saturn,” she thought. “That atmosphere is like ours was only a thousand years before intelligent life formed on Earth. If we went there we would freeze for it is colder than -400oF and is in complete darkness,” While Lillian was thinking she was rapidly typing and calculating according to Gillian’s finds to see how many Hominid cells and Earth cells she had to put in to create another Earth with bacteria growing on it, that will one day form intelligent life.

A beep threw Lillian out of her thoughts and she grimaced, it was time, all the calculations had been done and it had been ten hours since they had started, one more to go. Sophie, Gillian, and Lillian looked at each other in awe, they had gone so far, farther than any scientists were said to be able to do. One more steps left. Sophie looked the calculations. 563.4 anthropoid cells. All different, for cells make up every living thing. 

 With her trembling hand, Sophie got out a test tube full of cells, measured it and dumped the contents carefully into the large petri dish that was turning a sickly white from its original pink. A few scientists in the background gasped in wonder, now watching. Now for the Earth cells. Lillian glanced at the clock, then Gillian and exclaimed, “Hurry, we only have five minutes left!” He finished measuring, and put it in. 

The petri dish turned black and acidy and Lillian stirred clockwise twice. They all stepped back, gathering in a circle and…nothing happened. 

Lillian felt her eye’s tear over. All that hard work for nothing. Then in the distance the clock tower chimed twice, a signal for midnight. Gillian, Sophie and Lillian turned and looked out the window at the unusually still, and silent night for the city below, these people knew they were about die. Lillian felt herself gasp. A fiery storm, bright blue and orange in heat hissed over the city noiselessly consuming it. 

“Wait,” Lillian thought aloud, “The energy the sun generates from fusion would help throw a new earth into orbit, and…” Before she could finish the fire had reached their building and as orange flames licked up it, Lillian prepared to die. But suddenly the room begins to shake like an earthquake and screams of fear erupted through the room. 

“I was right,” Lillian thought. A loud noise like gun shots erupted in the room. It was coming from the petri bowl! Like a nuclear bomb a small version of Earth erupted from the petri bowl growing to as big as the wall, then BOOM, it knocked down the wall and kept growing and moving. It had been flung out of orbit into space. Fire slid in through the hole in the wall, submerging everything and everyone. Before Lillian fell into blackness and could see and hear no more, she looked up through the window one last time at the bright star sparkling in the air, she smiled, for she had done it.


A billion years after Lillian, Sophie and Gillian died, on the new Earth or UB11, you can hear the voices of children laughing, dogs and cats meowing and barking. Parents were talking. On one corner of the road in Manhattan, NY, Robert Hill, sprawled on the couch read a newspaper while his kids’ played. This newspaper’s date read, August 6, 2013, and the headline read, “In twelve billion years, the world is said to end,” 

“Oh well,” the man thought shrugging, “We certainly have a long time until twelve billion years.”  

 By Sophia, Age 11

Sarah is so cool
She is amazing and fun
Sarah is my friend

Alyssa is fun
She is amazing awesome
Alyssa is cool

Mia is awesome
She amazing and fun
Mia is my friend                                                                                            By Kaitlyn, Age 8


W  rite
R  ealistic
T  akeable
N  ew
G  reat Stories


A creative way to learn 
Stories in your head 
Poems are awesome and very interesting
Writing a long Myth story is amazing
Fiction books you write are so unusual


Green large trees grow
Blue beautiful sky is perfect
Clear awesome don't waste water
Green plants bloom
Red leaves fall
Orange ones swirls
Yellow leaves stay and turn back green
Earth is perfect nothing is to waste 
GO GREEN!!!                                                                     BY KAITLYN, AGE 8


As I walked into the 2nd grade class room, warm air rushed to my face and gave me a safe and comfortable feeling from the harsh cold air outside on this freezing October day. I wish I just stayed in bed this morning with my cat. The only thing getting me through this morning is my cup of Starbucks Coffee and my lovely grandson Michael.
“Come On Grandma!!!” Michael urged, “Let me show you my classroom.” 
Today was Grandparent’s Day at his school and we got a tour of the whole entire (school.) “Here is our class pet Bob the turtle. Sometimes at lunch time you can come in here and hold the turtle if Miss Miller isn’t on lunch duty. I do it all the time, I think Bob and I are starting to become friends. Over here we have story time; right now we are reading a great book called Ivy and Bean. The star of the week gets to sit down with the pillows, in fact next week I am star of the week!!!” Michael said excitedly. (Without breathing)
“That does seem very fun Michael; make sure to tell your mother to send me pictures of your turn at the star of week.” I informed “Do you like the turtle? Or do you wish you could have another class pet -- like a hamster?” 
“Ok! And no, I think I would want a turtle if I had the choice anyways,” he exclaimed.
 As we scurried around the room I waved at a couple of Michael’s friends and greeted some grandparents, but never fully introduced myself because well, I hate to admit it but sometimes I am shy. Except with my cat of course… So instead of stopping to talk to every person I saw I just kept following Michael and sipping on my luke warm coffee.
 I truly loved my only grandson; he always seems to make my day better. His emerald green eyes were staring back at me as I slowly walked to another spot in the room with him. But I was focused on something else; I was looking at a small elderly woman in the corner of the class room. Her hair was as black as the midnight sky and skin as pale as snow. She looked frightened and very uncomfortable much like I was but at least I didn’t show it. I left Michael’s small, soft hand and crossed to the other end of the room, approaching the women.
“Hello, my name is Barbra! What’s your name?” I said cheerfully.
“Ummm….” She murmured.
“I understand if you don’t want to talk, you just looked awful lonely over here,” 
“Chinese,” she said sort o randomly.
“Do you speak Chinese?” I wondered.
“Yes,” she said more loudly this time while tying her hair into a neat, tight bun.
“I’m guessing one of your grandchildren is here today. Would you like to meet my grandson?”
Then yet again I confused the women, who I still haven’t gotten her name from. So I grasped her cold, boney fingers and lead her to Michael. “This is my grandson!” and then her gums flashed and her smile has as big as her face. Next, she grabbed my hand and quickly walked me over to a cute girl (even smaller than Michael.) I knew for sure that she was her granddaughter; the family resemblance was so close that they could have been twins (except for the height difference.) I decided not to talk again but instead I wrapped my arms around her and embraced her strongly. I was glad that by the end of this morning I had met a new friend even though we hadn’t exchanged much conversation.
“Cai,” she pronounced proudly.
“Is that your name?” I asked. 
“Yes!” Cai answered. Both Cai and I were so thrilled that I had learned her name. Even though we have only known each other for less than a day she was my friend. In fact a good friend. Maybe I will see her around Michael’s school sometimes. Or maybe when she learns more English I could take her out to my favorite tea shop. Hmm the possibilities were almost endless. 
“Come Onnnnn grandma! I need to show you the writer’s workshop before Grandparent’s Day is over!!!” Michael begged.
“Ok, Okay I’m coming I’m coming” I said as he pulled on the sleeve of my thick sweater.
“Bye Bbb—ab-a” Cai struggled spitting out letters, trying to pronounce my name. In a way I felt sorry for her, but she would eventually learn all of those tough letters and words like her granddaughter has learned. Well, all good things come with time. 
“Bye Cai.” The simplistic ways of meeting someone is so easy; I wonder why I am so shy all the time though. I really am a social butterfly once I get to know a group of people. For example, my family, when we all sit down for Thanksgiving Dinner I am the only one talking. Maybe I’m not shy after all, all I have to do is say hi and go along with the conversation. Who knows I might be the most popular person in the world if it goes like this. My beloved cat might need to make way for some news friends because today I learned I am NOT a shy person or ever will be from this point on.