Orinda Summer 2012
A Japanese poetry form
characterised by having 17 syllables, 
in the form of three lines.  

the first line has 5  
the second line has 7 
final line has 5 . 
A sweater with holes
An old poor crippled body
Flaws make you yourself                           
The waves hit the shore
The ocean's call draws me near
My passion erupts
The blue of the sky
Heaven's colors surround me
The green of the fields
The air fills me up
But I must let it go now
To find its own way
Light shines down on me
Open sky is all I see
Blue filled with beauty 
Haiku Perspectives on Vacation

(An experienced artist)              (A little girl who has not learned to appreciate beauty)

Far away from home   When do we get home?
Explore the earth of wonders         I am tired of the trip
Of a vacation      Could we go right now?

Haiku Perspectives on Color 

(A brilliant retired poet who still    (A mature youth who has full)
looks at life with fresh eyes)   intentions of becoming an artist)

The trees, brightest greenAll of the crayons
The sky, blue, pure and vivid       Pastels too, full of brightness
My life full of color    Paint bright and color  

Grass of brilliant green, swaying
Birds chirp, the world is free
Trickling rivers

The full moon was out
    A snake went on crack’ling leaves
   Silence, grave of doom

A dragonfly drinks
The nights still, grasshopper’s chirp 
A hawk watches prey

The sun of embers
Grass of yellow burns and shines
      Wind fails, ponds dry up

 Sophia K., age 10
Haiku Perspectives on Street

The gentle rumble
of cars as they pass me by
on the street beside

Cars whiz right past me
fast as speed limit allows
have somewhere to be

double yellow line
neat and orderly system
very well constructed

                                                                                                                                 Haiku Perspectives on Color

Dull, fading away
color of bland and tasteless
this color is grey

different shades, values
alternating colors, hues
creatively used

beautiful colors 
intertwined with our own world
vibrant, uncontrolled
Haiku Perspectives on Vacation

sunrise and sunset
over an ocean so blue
contagious beauty

relaxation now
no better time, to forget
breathe, and rest your mind

all pressure released
no real reason to stress out
school so far away                                                               Veronika P, 12

Salt invades the air
A sizzling popping sun
Warm sand on my toes

Morning pink and grey
Turns red orange sharp and clear
Melts into blackness
Hot dogs and soda
Sticky noses and fingers
COLORS light the sky

Black clouds replace white
Silver and grey smear the air
Clear drops plummet down
                                                                                                                                      A little brown seed
Transforms into wild color
  Painting the world now 
E.E. X., 15

      GHOST            STORY

Capture the image
Colors dance through the whole land
Bask in the glory
Birds soar through the sky
Feathers rustle in the wind
Beauty on the fly
Flicker of a flame
The whisper of an angel
Beauty comes and goes                      
                                         Sophie V.  Age 11
Haiku:  ColorHaiku:  The Game
My heart is green                                           I love basketball 
Green is the color of Earth     It is the best sport ever
Orange is cool too     I play good defense

Haiku Perspectives on Vacation

Leaving my dear home
Worry not, I will return
I had a good time

Please do not leave me!
It will be really quiet....
Please come back to me.

Have a great time there!
Most importantly, have fun
We will see you soon  :)

                                       Nathan S.,  age 11


 I want to explore
 All the different countries
Different cultures

Haiku Perspectives on Blue

The color for sad         The ocean is blue
Sadness that won't go away                                It welcomes me to join it
That stays in the heart              To live and dream

Haiku Perspectives on Summer

The sun is shining    Summer nights shine bright
The warm soft breeze at daytime                   The stars twinkle through the night
Sunny days calm me                                                      Until day's sunrise                                
      Justine T.

The following are group written stories where
 each writer adds one line to a story, after reading 
only the previous writer’s sentence.  

Flying Girl to Atom Bombs

Once Upon A Time, there was a girl who 
attempted to fly.  She flapped her arms up 
and down like a bird.  She did this every day
to relax her mind.  She went to the market 
and bought a rat.  She brought the rat home 
and fed it cheese and milk.  
But one day, the rat vanished into the air.  The cat left sadly.  He slowly crept his way to his home, under a house.  Because of this, he realized that this home under the house was not suitable.  And then, the house on top fell and crushed his bottom house.  So finally, one day, an atom bomb dropped and blew up the top house which then became the bottom house.

Bob the Sailor Explorer to the Fairy of the Banana Kingdom

Once Upon A Time, Bob the sailor set out to find a new continent.  He found a small island with a small village.  For every day, he checked his garden and did his daily run around the village.  And then he saw a huge monkey in a cage on display.  He saw the monkey move.  
But one day the monkey started eating a banana and then another monkey stole his banana.  The monkey stole the banana and ate it before Fred the other monkey could steal it back.  Because of this, the monkey Fred punched the other monkey in the face and then Fred started screaming “I love bananas” over and over.  So finally, one day, the Banana Fairy invited Fred to the Banana Kingdom, so Fred ate bananas for the rest of his life.

Dragon to Broken Fingers

Once Upon A Time, a land was attacked by a dragon. All of the villagers gathered their families and hid underground.  For every day that went by, they wondered if a bomb would drop on their bunker.  And then, the bomb hit the top of their bunker and everyone screamed.   One boy named Bob the Third jumped and threw the bomb to another place with his super strength.
His enemy magically caught the bomb and rebounded it back to Bob the Third.  And then, Bob grew into a super giant and took the bomb into his hand.  It broke the Giants pinky.  Because of this, the Giant could never EVER make a pinky promise….because he had no pinky.  So, finally, one day, he found out he was out of luck.

Island Man to a Ghost

Once Upon a time a man named Steve was lost on an island with hostile creatures.  He was very hungry, but he was too scared to leave his safe Teepee.  He would try to catch the bugs and animals that came into his tepee and eat them.  
There was a huge bug that whispered English into his ear.  The bug flew away when he saw a huge fly swatter, but then he hit a window and dropped dead.  And then, he performed CPR on himself and came back to life.
He realized that it wasn’t himself, it was actually someone else and he was delusional.  He was mad and killed himself off with a Nerf gun.  Then, he rose up from the grave as a zombie.  So, finally, one day, he became a ghost…….

Hermit Johnny to a Treasure

Once upon a time, a long time ago, Johnny lived alone in a cottage.  He heard a loud noise outside his house.  For every day he wished to see a dragon and when the roar of a dragon sounded – he ran out!
And then, a warrior came to fight the dragon.  The warrior stabbed the dragon to death with a toothpick.   But then, the dragon came back from the dead, breathing fire in the adventurer’s face.  The dragon burned one of the adventurers.  Then, another adventurer jumped up and stabbed the dragon.  Because of this, the adventurer collected all the gold and treasure the dragon was keeping.  And then, he shared it among his people.  So finally, everyone was happy.

Super Power Girl to a Farmer’s Doom

Once upon a time there lived a girl with super powers.  She could fly through the air and heal to the touch.  She had to go to the Super Power Academy.  For every day she learned to control her powers and met new friends….and enemies.   One day on her way home she saw one of her magical enemies following her.  She ran home crying like a baby.  
But one day, cuz she was short, she climbed into a hole and never came out.   A farmer passed by when she was shouting for help.  He lunged towards the sound, but it was too late.  He screamed in anger.  And then, his head blew up like a piñata, blood dropping everywhere.  So finally, one day, he was lowered into the ground, the way he deserved.

A  Beggar to an Elf

Once upon a time there was a hunter who lived in the woods.  He heard an awful cry and he ran forward and came across a beggar man.  For every day he saw the beggar man, he was not surprised.   He walked away from the beggar but was grabbed by his grimy hands. And then, he freaked out, drawing his pistol and yelling at the beggar to let go.
One day he shot the beggar.  And then he shot himself with a water gun.  A man grabbed the water gun and ran away with it.  Because of this, there was war for a long time.  Then, everyone signed a peace treaty.  So finally, all the elves lived happily ever after.