My hand urges art
Yet the paper screams haiku
I don’t want to write

A coat drapes the girl
Covering her with dullness
She could use some pink

Bubbles floating high
But gravity pulls me down
I wish I could fly   By: Isabel T. 12

I am writing now
Time passes as i write, tik-
I am done writing

Many sparks outside
Sparkling rainbows explode
Colors are magic!

I splash in the pool
Water splashing everywhere
Swimming with action 

By Suah O., Age 10

Adventure goes long                         Frown on face"write!?" yuck!
It makes stories move and pull         Grown-ups make us write essays
Makes readers follow                        Not let us free write

Words must have color
To be descriptive and tense
To capture one’s mind                    By Derrick L., Age 11

this is so stupid
Writing things down for others
But for me instead

Pink, blue, red, purple
All nice colors in the sky 
Floating happily

Throwing a penny 
Wishing on that copper dime
I hope it comes true      

By Tia M, Age 13

                Spin, twirl, spin again
                Thrown in to a pirouette 
                Jump, twist do the splits

The yellow daisy
Just sitting in the bright sun
Swaying in the breeze

The small, little frog
Jumping from pad to pad
In the mellow stream

     Gray now, gray later 
         l never ever change
    Little tiny rock
Katie R., 10

The pen slowly moves 
Words appear on the paper
making a sentence

One second it's blue
Then the next second it's green
The colors won't stop 

They move so slowly
White fluffy balls in the sky
Happily floating

Standing silently
branches hanging everywhere
shakes when the wind blows

Blooms when the sun shines
Gold dust flies from its center
Sitting in the grass
Jessica K. , Age 

                          Where you can find peace
                           is where you are above all
                           your kingdom, your voice

If there was a color                A singer's voice is
 to describe peace and equal       a way to communicate
it would be pure white                my way is writing

My Converse take me            Where do you find frogs
to places but do not ask         Leaping out of waterfalls?
for things in return                Orinda of course!

-Liza C. ,11

Writing is my life 
Writing opens many worlds 
Writing is knowledge

Blueness of the sky
The great descent of lava
Forest of green burns

The shattered steel sword
A broken shield of ancient 
The splintered spear’s thrust.                         Anonymous 

Why Trees are Green

One morning a green frog went out with two 
buckets of green paint. He was getting these for
his house remodeling. The workers at his
house didn’t know which color to paint
the walls. So, the little green frog went 
his friend Squirrel and bought two 
buckets of green paint. On his way home he 
bumped into Turtle and Rabbit, his two best 
friends who were playing hopscotch.
“Hey Frog, play with us.” Turtle said.
“Sorry Turtle, but I have got to get these buckets of paint home.” Frog said.
“Come on, just one game.” Rabbit pleaded.
“All right, one game.” Frog said. So, he put down the buckets of paint and the blue prints and started playing. Just as Rabbit was about to take her turn, the mayor approached the three friends. 
“Hi, kids. Listen I was just about to go start on my project to make the town a nicer place when I was struck with an idea. I thought that what if we did an interview with kids not adults. I mean we always ask adults their opinion, but we never ask kids.” The mayor said. “What do you think?”
“Well, if you ask me……” Rabbit started.
“Great, we’ll get started tomorrow.” Said the mayor as he walked away.
"Wait, almost forgot the blue print.” The mayor said. “Ohh, speaking of blue prints I have to get these home. Bye.” Frog said in a hurry. He ran to his house, dropped of the papers and paints and ran off to the grocery store. When the workers looked at the papers they were surprised. Instead of painting a house they had to paint all the trees in the city green. They thought that the Frog got the wrong color paint, but before they had time to ask, Frog left.           They were very loyal workers so they did what the papers said. Mean while at the mayors house his workers were getting ready to do the City Project. The mayor dropped the papers suddenly and ran away saying “Continue the project.” The workers immediately started working. They were too scared of getting fired. When they unraveled the papers they were amazed, they were expecting something bigger, something more challenging. Instead they were given a job to paint a house red. Maybe he wants us to paint all the houses they thought, but they had no one to ask. They had no time to waste. They went to the city and asked every one if they wanted their house to participate in the City Project until they found someone. They painted the house and went back to the mayor’s house hoping that someone will be there to tell them to do a job. 
       Sadly, no one was there. The workers were confused. Then they remembered the little frog that the mayor was talking to. They went onto their GPS device and found the frog and drove to his house. When they got there nobody was home except the workers. They talked about these weird assignments and figured that the papers were switched.
“The mayor is going to kill us.” One worker said.
“We are all going to get fired.” Another one said just as the little frog and mayor came in.
“Hello, my little pets. What are you doing here?” the mayor asked.
“Ohh, we just came to visit an old friend.” One said.
“Please, don’t fire us. Please, please.” They all pleaded.
“Fire you, why would I fire you. Of course I saw what happened to the trees, but you know I like it, the trees look way better green.” The mayor said. So, from that day when the blue prints got mixed up till today the trees are green, but how cold they forget the wonderful red. The next day the frog and the mayor decided that in the Fall they would paint the trees red so that they will always have a bit of the old times with them. 
By Jessica K,, Age 10

The Art of Winning

The Spirit of the Red Sox and the Spirit of the Yankees were hosting a feast and invited all of the Major League Teams. Half way through, the Red Sox Spirit exclaimed:
“I have so many World Series rings, but so little fans! Oh, I wish I had a lot of fans.” The other teams nodded and mumbled in agreement. Except the Yankee Spirit, who said in return,
“Ha ha ha! You care about your fans? I have so many fans but only 6 wins! Winning the World Series is much more useful!”
“How so? When you win the World Series, your fan celebrate with you and become proud of you! You are very lucky to have a large fan base without winning a lot of rings!” The Spirit of the Cardinals said. 
Feeling that the Spirit of the Yankees needed to learn a lesson, the Red Sox Spirit devised a plan with his fellow Spirits.
“Why not take away all of his rings?” the Spirit of the A’s suggested. 
“How will that teach him that his fans are important? It will punish him, yes, but won’t make him think.” the Devil Ray Spirit said.
“How about making him trade places with me?” the Red Sox Spirit asked. “He would see through a different point of view, and learn that it isn’t all that great.” 
The others agreed and were going to meet each other at noon the next day.
“Why did you make me come here on a Sunday? I sleep in on Sundays.” The Spirit of the Yankees pouted.
“We thought that might want to see how it is to have a lot of World Series wins but little fans. You and I will trade fans and wins, a see how it is like. But there’s a catch. You won’t be able to get out of this deal no matter what.” The Red Sox Spirit explained. The Yankee Spirit didn’t think about the cons of his choice and agreed,
“Heck yeah! I will definitely take that offer!” He and the Red Sox spirit exchanged fans and wins, and continued on their day. 
As the Spirit of the Yankees was walking through New York, he noticed that there weren’t a lot of people wearing Yankee caps. The usual crowd of people that would follow him each day to get signed baseballs wasn’t there. " Like I needed them…." he thought.
 In Boston though, almost all the people were wearing Red Sox caps, jerseys, and other kinds of gear. People were crowding around the Red Sox Spirit and saying hello, and asking how he was doing. He was truly happy.
A few weeks after, the Spirit of the Yankees came running up to the Red Sox Spirit.
“We have to trade back! No one cares about me anymore, and having all these World Series ring doesn’t change a thing!” he yelled at the Red Sox Spirit.
“When I offered the trade, I said that there was no going back. You should learn to weigh the pros and cons of a deal.” The Red Sox Spirit said. The Yankee Spirit then sulked all the way home.
This is how the Yankees got a lot of World Series wins but not a lot of fans, but the Red Sox have the opposite. Liza C., Age 11

How to Tell Time

Clocks are one of the oldest inventions of mankind. But they are misused as we speak. Like right now: I am looking at a boy who is picking his nose with a tip of an alarm clock. Gross. 
My name is Mother Clock. I am made of mahogany wood and I have a fine finish. I try to look my best for the children, I am stationed at a school in Arizona. 
Most of the time I watch the children play, read and learn. But 
today I witness the worst thing yet: fire drill.
One afternoon in Mrs. Tangle’s class, she announced there would 
be a drill. I looked over at the little pupils, wondering if they had 
heard her. But, being a clock, what could I do? Other than tell the 
I try not to get attached with my work, but sometimes it 
happens. I remember this one kid named Johnny, who was always
a straggler and hung back in the crowd, and never played like the
other children. It was the day of the first fire drill
(we have three every school year)and everyone was anxious and nervous. Even Johnny. He hung around the toy box the entire day. 
When the fire drill was around the corner, he asked to go to the bathroom. 
When the bell rang, everyone evacuated leaving me and Johnny behind. Coming back to the class room, he wandered around crying his eyes out. I felt so bad for him. He was scared and tired (it was nap time). The teacher came back into the room with worried eyes, she picked Johnny up, and murmured soothing words and exited the building. I learned then always fear the bathroom on fire drill days.
Tia W., Age 13

How the Sun Came to Be
It was a dark and stormy night in the desert of NoName. It was always dark, stormy, windy, and gloomy in the NoName. 
Let me introduce you to Peacock. He is planning to stop the darkness of NoName.
“Light is what I need…..” Peacock said, then remembered “But, I need one thing that will help me with that.” 
“LIGHT!" Peacock exclaimed. "Of course, but I don’t know where to get that.” Peacock murmured to himself.
The only way to get light was to find a source that might provide light. But in the desert of NoName, light was a miracle. If someone had found light, the desert would be overjoyed. It was one exhausting day when something red, orange, and yellow fell out of the sky. The colors were bright and shiny, nothing that Peacock and the whole desert of NoName had seen before. They hit the ground as it brought sparks in the air.
“LIGHT!” they shouted.
They had just discovered light. Peacock picked up the tiny ball that was lying on the ground, he kept it in his light jar he had been saving since he was little. His parents encouraged him to keep a jar of light just in case light came.
The next day the amount of light balls doubled. Then tripled. It was raining light balls. Finally Peacock’s light jar was filled up.
Peacock put the cap on tightly, then shook his jar. Just like fireworks, the jar exploded and the light burst into the sky, evaporating everything within a ten foot radius. The little tiny light balls created one gigantic one. This filled the desert of NoName with light. 
Like I said everybody was overjoyed and excited. Somebody
finally made light.
Peacock’s parents would’ve been very proud of him.
Peacock and the whole desert of NoName was proud of him. From then,
the world learned that the world would still be dark without Peacock.

By: Suah O., Age 10

The Anti-Day

One day Jack (also known as the ultimate couch potato or wimp boy) woke up feeling like his day could either be great or horrible. So he had to get dressed really quickly because his Summer Camp started at nine, and it was 8:49 and 54 seconds. It takes 28 minutes 36.7 seconds to get there.
Then he realized his writing class didn’t start at nine, but it started at ten! So he slowed down a little bit so he could eat his breakfast and ride his bike without passing out. His cousin jerry had been driving him nuts, and not the walnut peanut pecan type. His grandmother had made jerry come live with them for the Summer because he tried to burn her house down and ate all her food.
When he got there, he was really curious why no one was at the building. Then he saw a small band of purple ants they saw him and formed the words “help aliens tur us into ans” and hten they formed an arrow pointing towards the school next door that obviously housed the alien fiends.
The short walk to the school was the scariest unanimated thing Jake had ever done considering he barely felt the warmth of the sun on his face because instead he was watching a cartoon. So he opened the door and the aliens suddenly stopped whatever strange things they were doing and they all turned on their translators and said” staring contest” so Jake opened his eyes as wide as he could he saw the alien do the same it went on for 2 minutes 34 seconds then the alien blinked! Arm wrestling came next then Jake said ”what are the stakes” the alien responded “we win you be ant you win we grant one wish” the arm wrestle only lasted ½ a second because wimp boy is just that a wimp the final challenge was the ancient art of rock paper scissors two out of three. The first draw went to the alien he was scissors jack was paper, next jack wins with rock breaking scissors, final win goes to jack he has a paper covering a rock. The alien says “you have had the power within you the whole time jack” Jack yells “ I didn’t come here for some crazy fortune” The Alien Then says “no really you have had it in you its spit that you require” so jack’s farewell is “Bye strange alien dude”
When he got back to class the ant were grossed out that they had to be covered in saliva but they all went Along with it a few minutes later Jack said “if I was a couch potato before I will No Longer Be one” 
The morale : don’t be a couch potato 
By John Mark H., Age 10



Perspective #1
    Edward Cullen stood ridged as he came down the long staircase that led up to bedrooms of the gorgeous Cullen house. “Edward?” my voice still sounded like wind chimes. I searched my mind for something that happened in the past that could’ve triggered this. Renesmee, our half human, half vampire baby, was sound asleep down stairs with Rosalie and Jacob. So that couldn’t have led to this.
    “Alice,” he choked. He looked up at me with sadness burning into his beautiful golden eyes. Blue and purple circles were forming around them, making them look ghostly. “Alice isn’t feeling up to usual par. She’s sick.”
    How in the world could a vampire get sick? I wondered. 
    “I don’t know, but the sooner Carlisle gets back from hunting, the better,” he answered as if he was in my head.
    “Edward?” a voice that sounded like a symphony of flutes and wind chimes asked. “Is Alice going t be ok?”
    “No.” Edwards’s voice was cut and sour.
    Rosalie emerged out of a door holding a small bundle of what looked like a toddler, Renesmee. I held out my arms and Rose gently laid Nesses in my arms. Rose swooped up to meet Edward at the top of the staircase. They stared bickering and snarling. Carefully I swept around them and wandered into Alice’s room. As I entered, I saw her room was carefully decorated in light purple, a pretty pink, and white. There was a gigantic bed with lots of pillows, in the middle of huge room. This was odd, because vampires didn’t sleep. Alice was cushioned right in the middle, her eyes wide and fearful. She cocked her head towards me. 
    “Alice,” I muttered.
    She shook her head, not wanting me to talk. I gulped. Instead of waiting for Alice to tell me what was wrong I fled down stares where Rosalie was inches from biting Edward’s head off. Emmett, one Edward’s adoptive brothers, was standing in the back ground laughing quietly to himself. I pushed myself between Rosalie and Edward. “What the hell is going on with Alice?” I demanded with as much authority as I could.
    “She’s sick,” he answered slowly. Probably editing the details for my benefit. Grounding my teeth together, I let out frightening growl. Edward laughed.
    “I can’t believe that’s your solution!” Rosalie exploded. “She won’t want to come back anyways.” She looked satisfied. 
    “ That’s mostly your fault.” Edwards muttered darkly. He turned suddenly to face me.         Right then I realized that what was wrong. It was causing lots of pain and distress. I didn’t know the remedy that Rosalie and Edward were fighting over, but I knew was going to tear the family apart, if it hasn’t already.

Perspective 2:  (Rosalie’s point of view)
    I was downstairs with Jacob Black. What could be worse? Nothing. Jacob Black reeked of dog and I wasn’t going to have it.
    “Don’t you have a home of your own?” I snarled.
    “Do you know how a blonde makes up her mind? She puts make up on her forehead” he laughed. That stung. Most of his pathetic jokes hurt too, but I tried not to let it get to me.
    “Heard that one already. You really need to get another joke book.”
     “Alice… Alice isn’t feeling up to usual par. She’s sick.” I heard Edward’s voice. It sounded like he was distressed. I shook my head trying to not let it get to my head. It didn’t work. I hurried upstairs with Renesmee, Edward’s and Bella’s vampire, human baby. She looked like an angel, with big brown eyes. “Edward?” I called. “Is Alice going to be ok?”
     “No.” his voice was curt and sad. I looked him in the face searching his face. Then I saw it. His big idea to help Alice. I handed Renesmee to Bella, and flew up to Edward so I could talk face-to-face.”How could you even think of bringing Gracie back into the picture?” I snarled.
     “We have to!” he spat.
    Shaking my head, “Edward, Gracie won’t be able to help her.”
    “Alice was at her peek when Gracie lived here. She was able to see humans just as clear as us Rose!” he answered. “Maybe if Gracie came back, we’ll be able to see if Alice could see the werewolves.”
    “Gracie isn’t that special,” I muttered. I hated feeling cheated, challenged. Gracie use to live with us, before Emmett. She could see the past in everyone. Alice and Gracie were apart of each other in one way or another. But she left when things got complicated, like when she dramatically fell in love with MY Emmett after he was changed. That’ll never happen again.
    “No it won’t. She never did anything wrong Rose, you know that.” Stupid mind reader. Growling, I shook my head again, “She won’t want to come back anyways.”
    That’s mostly your fault.” Edwards muttered. Rolling my eyes. I realized what I did to Gracie was enough to keep Emmett to myself. For now. Unless Edward brings her back the Cullen Clan. I remembered what Edward had said earlier, “The sooner Carlisle gets back from hunting, the better.” He was right. Carlisle wouldn’t stand for this ether. I won’t let Gracie rip our family again. 

Poem #1
He looks at me 
Faking a laugh is so easy
Everything that we should be goes down the drain 
He talks to me
I can’t see why he’s so in love
He’s all the reason that I lay awake at night 
But why?
Keeps me wishing to be perfect 
Teardrops are the same as dewdrops
They both are sad and lovely
But they both represent that I won’t get the guy 
He looks at me
But he still won’t see

Poem #2
He looks at me
I am filled up with glee
Faking my happiness is so easy
I guess you could call it cheesy 
I can’t understand why he’s so in love 
I am so sick of….
But he keeps the dream alive
I need a way to thrive 
He looks at me 
But I can’t flee
                                          Tia W, Age 13

Two Monologues:
The Cashier
I was just standing there minding my own business when this guy comes over to me and says “Hi are you open.” I mean what kind of question is that if the store wasn’t open then you wouldn’t be in it, duh. But I didn’t want to be mean so I said, “Yes, we’re open.” Then he took all of the things out of his basket. There was a sign that said I was closed. Then he stopped, I thought that he had realized that I was closed, but no. He stopped because he ran out of room. “Um could you start scanning my items?” he said to me. Then I said to him, “Can’t you read the sign I’m closed.” “No, you said you’re open.” He said to me. “Oh, I thought that you wanted to know if the store was open.” I said to him. Well today maybe wasn’t my lucky day. I got sent home, but at least I didn’t get fired.

The Shopper
I came into the store and went about my business, going through my shopping list when I finished. I went to go find a clear cash register. I was about to go to the number 4 cash register when I saw that the last cash register was totally clear. No one was in line, but there was a standing at the counter. I politely came over and asked if she was open. She said yes so I started unpacking. Then when I ran out of room I realized that she wasn’t scanning my things. So I once again politely told her if she could start scanning my things. Then she got in a big ruckus that she was closed, so she called the manager and I went to a different cash register, but the day turned out fine.                

Rhyming Poem
Milk, Eggs, Butter, and Flour
Got to do everything within the hour
I have a big list that has to be done
Oops, almost forgot the cinnamon bun

I put the money in the slots
The little dimes looking like dots
So much money all for me
I could really use a vacation tree

Jessica K., Age 10

The Chess Game
It was an intense chess game
If you moved here you would lose
If you moved there you would also lose
You want to show they world how talented you are
By winning
But you can’t
Never in a 100 years
You would say
It is your turn and you only have 10 seconds left
You can hear the clock whistling
Tik tok, tik tok
You want to win but also lose
The component you are playing is very serious
You're not
The judge that is watching you is very strict
You're not
Finally time runs out and you lose
The other person has won
But you tell yourself
That was just a game

Rhyming Poem
I’m playing an intense chess match
There is an itch I want to scratch
On my back
I want to win
But my opponent is distracting me by kicking my left shin
I’m going to lose
Even though I have some clues
The judges are strict
Which I predict
Chess is a bore
Which I didn’t think before

Newspaper Lead:
It is the intense chess match between the players, Betsy and Maddy. The score is 3 to 3, tied. The winner of this match is unpredictable. The champion will receive a golden trophy and a $1,000 dollar check. Their families are cheering, all anxious for the money. It is Betsy’s turn and she has nowhere to move. If she moved here she will lose and if she moved there she will also lose. This is very exciting as Betsy runs out of time and now she is down by a point. And the score is Betsy-3, Maddy-5. The fans for Betsy are all depressed. And the Maddy fans are all excited. And we know that our winner will be Maddy.

Two Monologues:
This chess game is very close, I want to win but my opponent is too serious and good. Even if a earned half of the money my parents would still be proud of me. I’m not the best chess player but I am better than my older brother. Its my turn and I have nowhere to move. The
only thing I could move is my king but then my opponent will take it and I will lose. Time is out anyways and I guess I lost.

I don’t want to prove to the world I am a loser. Because I am a winner. The game is very intense and I can’t think of a way to win. I’m trying to distract my opponent my kicking her in the shin. That might be cheating but I don’t care. My opponent might be dumb enough
to move her king so then I can take it. There is a good chance for my opponent to run out of time and lose. And that is exactly what happened. I have won !
Suah O., Age 10

The last
I see is
My life flashes
Before me
My parents,
My sister,
My brother,
My friends.
I hope that I’m not
Not spoken off
The last
I hear is
I love you’s
I hate you’s
Will I hear them
The last
I feel is
A stranger’s.
He holds my
Head and yells,
“Call an ambulence!”
“She is losing too much blood!”
The last
I see is

I load my gun.
I begin to run.
I aim.
I’m going have ill fame.
I don’t care
She deserved it
Love is rare
And she broke my heart with a painful hit.
I’m now a murderer
But I’m still Sam Ferderer.

“Who could’ve done such a thing. Evelyn was such a nice girl.” said Mrs. Gorlin, Evelyn Gorlin’s mother. This Sunday, Evelyn got shot fatally in the heart, and the whole neighborhood is shocked. Evelyn was an 8th grader, leader of the student council in Claremont Middle school. “She was a very considerate friend, and always put her friend’s needs above her own.” said Ellie Winthrop, one of Evelyn’s closest friends. “She will be greatly missed.”


Sam: You might ask why I shoot Evelyn. The answer is simple: She deserved it. She shot my heart without a bullet. I asked her to the winter dance and she just stared at me and laughed. From that day, I wanted revenge. Now that I’m on the run, I’m starting regret my actions. It’s going to be hard to live with it, I can feel it. No one will listen to me or help me. I’m all alone in this big, big world.

Mrs. Gorlin: My heart skipped a beat when Ellie was called me and told my angel was shot. Both of them went to the park on a clear and sunny Sunday afternoon. Nothing could have gone wrong on that type of day. But it did. When Ellie called me, I truly thought that she was joking. But her voice was extremely urgent. The phone dropped out my hand and I ran to the car and raced up to the park. What kind of person could murder a girl like that? I thought. When I got to the park, police cars and officers surrounded the crime scene. And in the middle of it was my daughter, in a pool of her own blood.
-Liza C., 11

Party of Seven
             I was almost done with my shift when a lady walked in to my store.  It was 6:00 and she was hopefully my last customer of the day.  I owned a large restaurant, which had hundreds of customers every day.  I wasn’t sure if it was for the food or the wonderful customer service.  Probably the food because the customer service is terrible! L  The lady came up to me and asked, “Table for seven please.”  I looked behind her, but there was no one there.  “You have to have your party with you if you’re going to get a table.  So please leave until you have your party with you.”  She went outside and brought in six people.  “Here, are you happy?”  “Yes,” I replied, “We have a two hour wait.”  
              “Then we’re leaving.”
              “Ok. Have a nice day.”

          I was talking to my sister outside the most famous restaurant in San Francisco.  I was so excited because we had a three-hundred dollar gift certificate!!  My daughter had just had her wedding and we were going here for a quick dinner before the after-party.  I walked in and looked around and saw the check-in-desk.  I said, “Table for seven please.” I said calmly.  She looked behind me then said, “You have to have your party with you if you’re going to get a table.” I was about to ask why, but then I reconsidered it and decided that it would be rude so I didn’t.  I walked outside and called to everyone come one everyone let’s go inside. They let out a cheer, then followed me inside. “Here are you happy?”  I said.  “Yes,” she replied, “We have a two hour wait.”  I thought for a second.  That was too long. The after-party would have already started! 
        So I said, “Then we’re leaving.”
“Ok. Have a nice day.                               By Katie R., Age 10

One sunny day a blue monkey named Jake went to the waterfall. He was very hungry, so he went to go find some juicy nuts! To complete this task, he had to climb a mountain. On his way up the mountain, he met an old seagull who told him there was a  shortcut underground. he followed the old seagull's instructions and took the underground shortcut. On his way there he found two pieces of gold! When he left the shortcut he saw the seagull with a bunch of others who said, "Give us your gold or spit.". So he spat, but his spit was toxic acid, so the seagulls got burns all over their feet! So, then he went home happy. Without a doubt, he had made the world much "happier".                                The End.
There once was a skeleton monkey army who wanted burgers. They were in the Mohave Desert and there wasn't a burger place anywhere closet to them.  So they built a Burger Place that ended up being famous.  It was flying everywhere from letters to newspapers, newspaper to magazines, magazines to television. The mailbox would not stop pouring. I couldn't wait to get reading all of these. The letters all had unique stamps - from all over the world! Analyzing these stamps made the person want to travel the world, which he did the next day.  So he lived happily ever after in the world of Mickey Mouse Club House.                       The End.
The bee buzzes near my ear when its about to approach me and sting me.  I flick it with my hand but, miss. It flies to another flower.  Sneezing, I spin around, I am face to face with a lost puppy!  The puppy's eye lulled me into a deep sleep causing me to fall into the shoe of a man.  His shoe was very smelly so I pushed it away. But the man loved his shoe, jumped on it and sneezed.  But, as he sneezed, a fly got into his eye, throwing him off balance.  Then he fell on his butt and started screaming.                                                                           The End.
Julia was playing in the forest in her backyard, when she saw something white jump across the grass. Julia hated the color the white, so she found a stick and chased it into the woods.
After 1,000,000,000,000 miles of chasing, Julia got tired and sat on a rock until the color white stopped.  Then afterwards, she ate some food and had a nap.  When she woke up, there were monkeys flying in front of her.  She couldn't believe her eyes. They were flying from the windows and the chimney. They were everywhere.  Overwhelmed, she sat down on her couch, but to find bird poop.   The bird poop was sticking to her new skirt, making her mad and dismal, which was not the way she wanted to end her day.                                    The End.
(Trashcan Inc.)  There was once a man in Peru,who wanted to a shoe but didn't know which one! So he ate the brown one with alot of stains. At first it seamed so gross but, Then it just tasted like coffee. I have never tasted coffee in my life and it was bitter and gross. I took it and threw it in the trash. Then I saw a old man come to the trash can and fish out the coffee. The coffee cup was only 3/4 full so he yelled at the trash can for bad service. 
"You bad trash can!" he yelled, " How dare you only fill up my cup of coffe 3/4 full!" The trash can felt sorry for not finishing filling up the cup.                                      The End.



The Toasters of Blaaah
There was the flying toaster...and it was from the planet of Blaaah (say the “a” for 3 seconds). (Blaaah was a very interesting planet, very unlike earth. You see, ) Everyone had a toaster that could fly. One year was 300089009 days. That’s why everybody lived to 16 Years. But every 39 days, the toasters flew to the house on their right. No one knows why? 

Back on Earth... 
One day on Zack’s roof… I can only say these words. Crraaaashhhhh!!!!!!!! Bbbbbaaaaaaaanggggg!!!!!!!!!!!! “Hey!!!!!!!!! Who throws a toaster toy with fake wings! Hmph.”
And he threw the toaster in the trash. But as that winged toaster fell in the trash, it flew away to another house. Zack, the 28 year old scary Harley dude, fell of the roof, fainted, and down to the trash can. The toaster fell at Kevin’s house, because it was out of wings. It bonked Kevin on his head. Now it was danged up, literally. 
It was beaten up, crashed, caved in, and almost exploded. The owners of the house had tried to explode it, but the toaster escaped. It left before any of that happened. It knew it had more to offer life than being a flying toaster. It could do other things! So, it made a box. A good box, like the best gift on Earth. And it and went inside the box, that it had gotten from the fake flying toaster garage sale. The flying toaster rang the doorbell. “Ohhh. My. Gosh. A new toaster!!! The brand new edition! I have the latest new toaster available to mankind!” Guy said. 
Back on Blaaah...
By then, Blaaah would be a mess, right? If you guessed that, then you are right. The king of Blaaah was very very Confused and weirded out. So they sent a bunch of warriors to get the toaster back. All this for a toaster? Really? Anyway, the warriors went to Earth, Earth overpowered them easily, so the king of Blaaah got MAD. So they sent their UFO’s. And yet again, all this for a toaster. So they got the toaster back, but sadly, Earth found out where Blaaahians live so they thought they would get extinct, and this is one of their good days… anyway, stay tuned for number two, The Toasters Get Mad and fly away from Blaaah!!!!!!!!!!!! 

The Flight of Toasters and Blaaah (Part 2)

For those of you that didn’t read number 1, here’s a little intro for you. On Blaaah, there are 300089009 days in a year. The toasters fly to the house next to the house they belong to for simply no reason at all.And one little toaster accidently came to Earth. Or on purpose. We will never know. (Hum a heroic tune for 3 seconds) anyway, now the toaster was forced back. But the toaster liked Earth. And the story continues!!!!! 
The toaster was telling his friends about Earth. The toasters agreed that they would go to Earth in the next 39 days when the toasters move to another place. And the 39th day was 17 hours away!!!
So the toaster’s friend told his toasters friends, who told their friends, who told their friends, and so on and so forth. So that was the finally it. 17 hours was over! So the flying toasters followed the main red flying toaster that went to Earth before. They went marshmellow around meteorites, swang through Saturn, Jumped through Jupiter, and marched through Mars. This time they brought lazer guns so they can shoot the Blaaahians when they tried to capture them. So they flew around, the Blaaahians came they had a never-ending battle, the toasters won. Yeyy!!!!!! 
The toasters became heroes. So they lived great, blah, blah, blah, and the Blaaahians were mad. I mean plain old mad! So they staged a revolt against the people and the toasters (The ones that fly. They wouldn’t challenge the regular ones. I mean, why would they?) Anyway, they came back on their super slow ships, while the toasters lived in luxury style.
It took a couple more Earth days for the Blaaahians to get to Earth. This time, they used freaky cages of lazers, but the toaster’s lazers were stronger. They exploded the ship, and now this series will be known as the Defender Toasters. Now, stay tuned for The Defender Toasters 3. See you next time! And don’t expect for me to do that intro again!!! Cause I’m not.

By Joon K., Age 10


The cute, little kitten 
Climbing up my mitten
Will they ever stop playing?

I sat, and sat waiting for something new
When I realized that my library book was overdue
Oh no, what am I going to do?
by Katie R, Age 10

Flapping, Flapping
Slowly unwrapping the small and delicate wings
All of them carrying a dozen rings

As I step on the soft sand
The water flows up to my little hand
It scurries back to its little green grass land
Then pours back onto my native land
     By Jessica K., Age 10


Dear GREG,
I know that we haven’t been talking, but I just wanted you to know that I accept you no matter what. Even though you DRINK TOILET WATER, your favorite catch line is, “WELL THAT’S JUST GREAT!” You are addicted to the movie FLUSHED, where a “dead” goldfish gets flushed down the toilet and finds a new home in the pipes! In my opinion that was the worst movie ever, but to you it’s the best. I never really tried to understand your ways, but I am hoping that you’ll give me a second chance. So I just want to let you know that I HAVE been listening all these years, so I am prepared to tell you everything you’ve said to me in all the 10 weeks I’ve know you. Like: you hate the color PURPLE, your best friend is BILL, and you were born in ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND. Your mother use to put on MYTH BUSTERS when her boyfriend, SHANE, who visits ALASKA monthly to hook up with a DOCTOR that lives there. When you were little you got a concussion that was so bloody and gruesome the doctors kept asking how you got like this even after we told them that you hit your head on a COFFEE TABLE . At age 13, your rebellious stage in life, you only wore ripped jeans and GRAPHIC T-SHIRTS. Your Ex-Wife was a neat-freak and she often bought lots of SPONGES, and when she was cleaning she sang the NATIONAL ANTHEM (which drove you nuts). You like to pick off the cheese off of PIZZA, too (which is pointless). Most of all you like to watch HARRY POTTER  with me, and spend time with me, and I miss doing those things with you. I need you, even though you are little weird. But hey, we all have problems! 
                                                                 -Uncle Jessica   

By Tia W, Age 13

  One day Andrea and JOE were talking to ZSA ZSA and KATHY on the phone.  They were talking about how PATRICK should go to SCHOOL immediately because otherwise he would be watching strange shows that aren’t meant for nine year olds to watch, they wish he would watch educational shows from the U.K. but he never was, but if Patrick wasn’t watching shows he shouldn’t he was eating BUFFALO INTESTINES yes not fried chicken not candy buffalo intestines! He constantly was UNRESTED because he stayed up late reading HARRY POTTER, he was constantly being called “YOUR WEIRD” or “YOU LOOK LIKE SOY AN A PIZZA” another reason Patrick was strange was that his skin is MAHONEY colored. Sometimes they would find him watching ROMEO AND JULIET strange for a young boy to watch everything other than he should watch such an old play they don’t mind that he watches such an amazing work of art but he never watched anything that normal kids watch. They only wish he would WRITE more, SKIP like he was ever happy, and become an UNDERWATER ACROBAT , and listen to the song "HANDLEBARS" he was so WEIRD. He was always on the couch he never wore JEANS and always stupidly drank SEWER WATER like a ZEBRA. He would never look up at the beautiful CLOUDS on a sunny day. And the only way I know this is because I am The Stalker.
John Mark H. , Age 10

One busy day at the MATRIX Nail Salon in DENMARK, ELLA the NAIL DESIGNER was finishing her last costumer. After she finished her last costumer Ella’s mom promised to take her to mall and buy her those Designer JEANS that everyone is talking about. All of her friends have them. MEGAN has the pink ones, DECLAN has the orange ones, and DREW has the GREEN ones. Now ELLA would finally get the blue ones. She couldn’t wait to get home to WEAR them. “Thanks mom, I love them.” Ella said to her mom. “HEY! Mom look. It’s a giant WINNIE THE POOH.” She said as she pointed to a store with the giant WINNIE THE POOH bear on a wooden CHAIR. When they stepped inside the shop there was a stage and on the stage was Taylor Swift singing TONIGHT TONIGHT and off to the side was her dad at a HOT DOG stand selling hot dogs. Then she saw her uncle from FENWAY being all STALKERISHLY. Then when she looked at the drummer it was her DUMB neighbor who always LITERS and he was playing with PIPES instead of the drum sticks. On the floor was a GOOEY GREEN liquid. Then as soon as she saw her best friend buying all THE 39 CLUES books and her mom dancing on stage she knew that this was a dream. Then she got up on stage took the microphone from Taylor and said, “Tell me do any of you believe this is real. Tell me this is not a dream.” She screamed into the microphone. “IT IS.” Someone yelled. Then she started RUNNING off the stage and slipped on the GREEN goo. The next thing you know she was looking into BLUENESS. Then she was laying in bed the sun shining on her face.
By Jessica K., Age 10

Sweet Escape (Kind Of)
It was one JUMPY day when JULIE JULIE decided she decided to read her favorite book, CURIOUS GEORGE’S HALLOWEEN PARTY. Of course she didn’t how to read yet. To tell you the truth she was just a little, HAPPY, 5 year old. JULIE JULIE’s parents were off to work and she was left home with her babysitter, Kristen was watching TOM&JERRY. Kristen was starting to fall asleep. SLOWLY, JULIE JULIE began to sing her most known song, CORNER OF THE SKY to Kristen. She always thought her babysitter was “PATHETIC”. Kristen was always bossing her around and she hated it. She wanted to run away to the middle of the OCEAN just like her friend the sponge on tv. There were many things JULIE JULIE wanted to do. Anything to avoid her babysitter. Anywhere but HERE. She wanted to run away just like her best friend GRIP. JULIE JULIE thought GRIP was a weird name, a really weird name. She also had a friend named BLUA UZUX who had a profession of RUNNING but then got run over by a car. It was a very sad story. JULIE JULIE had to think of a plan to escape. She tried acting like her favorite actor, JACK HARKHESS
“We better show them how brave we are!” JULIE JULIE said, breathing dramatically just like her best actor. 
She was just going to pack up and leave her life. JULIE JULIE grabbed a canteen of WATER and a bag of FRENCH FRIES for survival. She also took the book she was reading and dropped into her backpack. It read, FAITHFULL. It was about a PINK LION acting like a professional PHORENSIC SCIENTIST.
“JUMPING JELLYBEANS!!!!!!!” JULIE JULIE shouted, she was going for a sweet escape but it didn’t seen as sweet anymore….
By: Suah O., Aged 10

A few friends wanted to go to the movies. ALEX wanted to watch the Moss Found Under the Sink movie, BOB wanted to go to the Oscar winning drama SPONGEBOB on an Airplane Heading to BANGO, JENNA wanted to watch the 8th HARRY POTTER Movie: The Enchanted TABLE, and LIZA would watch any one of those.
They finally decided on FERRIS BUELER'S DAY OFF: The Musical. The group of walked SLOWLY to the cashier, WAVING to the crowd of movie-goers. When they finally reached the cashier, she said:
“We’re doing fine.” said Bob who sounded like a TALKING MOUSE when she spoke. “We want 4 tickets for FERRIS BUELER'S DAY OFF, please.” The cashier handed them the tickets and they quickly ran to the cinema. In the lobby, they were playing the song “STEAL YOUR HEART." Being distracted by the song, Alex tripped over and FELL on a bag of popcorn. The scene was so funny, the whole group toppled over laughing.
“Come on guys! The movie is about to start!” Jenny yelled. As they got to their seats, someone screamed, “OH MY GOD! There is a very PRETTY, RED, AND PURPLE PLATYPUS!” All of them looked around and spotted the PLATYPUS sitting a few seats away from them. Both Bob and Alex wear allergic to platypuses and the whole group ran toward the Korean NOODLE Place. Parked in front of the restaurant was a BLUE JEAN textured Bentley. They jumped into it and drove to the nearest GYM, where there was a strict anti-platypus rule. After some mocha’s , Jenna said, “ What a day! I’m sure that I never will forget it.”
-Liza C.,11


Nothing Comes to Mind
The 5 year boy named Bob pulled at his hair, jumped up and down and stuck his tongue out at the teacher. She was looking the other way, thankfully. How was he going to find something to write about? He pushed in his seat and told the teacher he was going to the restroom, But He actually snuck out of his classroom. As He snuck out He started thinking. About many things. Things like what He should for his essay because, “Nothing comes to Mind!!” thought Bob. He also thought how He was going to explain his long absence to his teacher. 
After 20 minutes of walking He decided to just ditch school. “I already missed school for 20 minutes” He thought, “so why don’t I just ditch the rest of school?” “Yeah I’ll ditch the rest of school.” He said out loud. But as he walked, fear suddenly coursed through him. What if he got caught before he returned? Then He would get in trouble without having fun. But as he thought of that, he suddenly tripped. “Yah!” He shouted as He went down. 
When He looked back at what tripped him He saw a long roll. A roll that was extremely dirty and encased in mud. But when He inspected the hand more closely He saw that their were fingers. It was a hand! “Don’t move and keep your hands up.” said an anonymous man. Suddenly Bob froze with fear. It was as if His muscles have turned to stone. Then out of more instinct than skill He struck out. He started with an uppercut to the chin then a knee to the groin. “Thats gotta hurt!” exclaimed Bob right after the anonymous man crumpled. Bob relived the Anonymous man of his weapons that included a deadly knife and a fully loaded pistol. 
As Bob tried to check the unknown person’s Identity He by all means failed because the Nab didn’t carry an ID. But the thing that made Bob the most frightened was the man’s smell. He smelled like death, but most likely the arm that he tripped over. Was the unknown man the person who severed of the other persons arm? 
The knife! He suddenly thought if He had sliced off the persons arm there was a pretty big chance that there was still blood on the knife. After He checked the knife more fear coursed through him. The entire knife apart from the handle was incased with blood.
“Maybe I should kick the unknown person in the stomach one more time.“ “Just in case he wakes up thought Bob. “Yeah I should.” said Bob out loud. And he did. Now all that Bob could think about was how to get back to school and explain his ultra long restroom break. But just as Bob ran a couple of yards he got into an intersection and couldn’t find a way back to school. He was lost. Then He glanced back at the unknown person and He was standing right in front of him with a gun directed at his heart. Suddenly Bob’s mouth went dry and his body froze up. Then slowly the anonymous person pressed the trigger. Right as the gun spat at him He heard, 
"Bob! Bob! Wake up! It’s time to write the essay and the principal’s here inspecting the class!"
Suddenly Bob’s eyes flashed open and there he was lying on his desk. It had all been a dream! But a helpful one. Because now he knew what he was going to write about for his story.

Derrick L, Age 11

Snickers nickered softly as her owner came into her stall. 
Her brown, chocolate coat was full of hay and dirt. 
Malory took a curry comb and 
brushed it down her side. Shaking it out, she took out
a dandy brush to remove the loosened dirt. After
being brushed, Malory let Snickers into the paddock
with the other horses. She let out a snort. She
loved to be free in the paddock, where there were
no boundaries. She lived in 100 acres of land, named
Shell Ranch. If you looked hard enough you could
see little shells, imbedded into the ground.
There were many horses at Shell Ranch that were injured, pregnant or abused. Shell Ranch was like a safe Haven for horses, so she was told by Malory. Malory, as it seemed, spent all her time with Snickers and her own horse Polyester, a white dun stallion. Next to Snickers, he was one of the oldest horses in Shell Ranch. Malory got Polyester when she was 7 years old—right after her mom walked out from her dad and never came back. Malory’s mom’s horse, Dreamer, was sent off to another owner because Malory couldn’t stand looking at him without thinking of the possibilities if her mom had stayed. Snickers loved Malory and Malory loved Snickers. 
They were a perfect match. Trail rides were one of many things they loved to do. If she could, she would pack a picnic and saddle up Snickers and run away into a Dream Land.  Snickers loved to go to Dream Land because Malory would bring big red Fuji apples with perfectly square sugar cubes. While she chopped on the sweet treats, Malory would eat a juicy lettuce, tomato, turkey and cheddar sandwich with pink lemonade on checkered cloth. Malory was about 14 years old, with long reddish-brown hair, piercing blue eyes and pale skin.  She was the kindest person at Shell Ranch; she helped every horse, did a lot of chores, and made dinner for her father, Jack.  Some of the people that stopped by, ether to pick up a horse or to bring one in, would all comment on how her Jack never did anything anymore except to drive the trailer to pick up injured horses. Sometimes, they’d get a glimpse of what he was like when Malory’s mom—Tessa—was there, always at work.
On January 3, Snickers woke up to a dreadful sound. She cocked her head towards the door and saw Malory stumbling in her blue, pink, white pajama pants and a pink T-shirt with a pretty heart. She was crying. Her eyes were red and puffy. She stumbled into Snickers’ stall, and latched on to her neck. Snickers softly nibbled on her hair and back to comfort Malory. 
In the morning Malory was covered in straw and had bed-head hair. Snickers was nested right next to her and was carefully watching her with big brown eyes. Malory mumbled something inaudible and sat up. Her blue eyes betrayed the calm and emotionless expression on her face--sadness because she had been hurt. Snickers neighed a muffled sound and nosed her, wanting to know what was wrong. Malory sniffed, and held out a picture of Tessa at the beach with Jack. Malory was the exact opposite of her mother—who had light brown hair and green eyes, while Malory had dark brown hair and blue eyes. No one could really understand why Malory looked like she did, because her father didn’t have blue eyes either.
 “She was happy in this picture, and this was taken when I was six!” Malory exclaimed. “But she left when I was seven,” Malory said, “I don’t understand why she would do that! I found this in one of Jack’s shirt pockets.” A new wave a tears followed as she whimpered. Snickers wanted to know why this was making Malory cry. Was it because she didn’t understand the sudden acts of change? Or that some of the puzzle pieces didn’t fit perfectly and they had some holes.  Ones that were ought to be covered and forgotten. 
“Malory? Malory?” a woman’s voice called. “Malory, honey are you in there?”
“Yeah, I’m i-i-in here” her teeth chattered.
“Malory! God, you scared your father to death!” a woman in a dark blue skirt and matching jacket appeared in the stall door way.
“Aunty Amy?” Malory looked hopeful, her blue eyes looked piercing and dangerous. Smiling Amy leaned down and held out a tiny, clean hand.  Taking it she heaved herself up and shook off the dirt and hay. “You look terrible!” Amy exclaimed. Rolling her eyes Malory walked out of the stall and shut the door. Kissing Snickers’ muzzle she whispered a soft, “Thank You.”
Tia W., Age 13

Forget About It

“Why not? I’ve done all my school work!” Ruth yelled at Mother. She always argued to go out in the afternoon. Mother thought that Ruth was only going to her friends’ house, but in truth it was to go to the Crimson Rose speakeasy. Located near the pier, it was the social spot for all the young people of town. But there was something much darker about the place. The year is 1923, and the drinking of liquor is prohibited. But that does not stop anyone from bootlegging.
After dinner I went to my room to change into my nightclothes.
“Evelyn! Evelyn! Can I come in?” whispered Ruth through the little doorway separating our rooms.
“Sure.” In the next moment Ruth appeared in my room. In her arms was one of her flapper dresses, the red one with strip of embroidery on the hip, straps, and neck line, a long string of pearls, and a boa of black and red feathers. She was wearing a yellow dress with layers of ruffled fabric starting at a band on her hip, and a feather head band, a string of pearls, and her shiny white T-strap shoes. She looked stunning. My smile turned into a frown when I thought what she was going to do.
“I’m not going to Crimson Rose with you. It’s against the law.”  I said with a scowl on my face.
“Oh come on! You are such a goodie-goodie. The police don’t even know that the Rose exists!” Ruth exclaimed and shook her head. “I will leave at ten o’clock. If you want to come, meet me at the car.”
“I didn’t know you could-“By the time I finish my sentence, she was gone. Maybe I can go… Our parents would be asleep, and I always wanted to see the speakeasy. It sounds wonderful when Ruth talks about it… I looked up to see what time it is. 9:45! I better get ready! I slipped on the dress, which was a bit long but beautiful still. With my shoes in hand I ran through the front door and locked it. Ruth was in the car, smiling ear to ear.
“I knew that you were going to come! But look at that hair!” She whipped out a brush and ran it through my hair, smoothing out all the gnarls and tangles. Ruth stretched to the back seat and grabbed her bag and started rummaging through it. After a few minutes of throwing the contents of the bag on the floor, she pulled out 2 tiny rose shaped pins.
“Here, pin these on your dress,” I did so “at the front door, there will be a man. Show him the pin and he will let you in.”
“How are we going to get there?” I asked.
“How do you think?” Ruth flashed one of her spectacular smiles and started the Ford’s Motor.
“Hold on!” she yelled as we sped out of the drive way nearly crashing into the mailbox.
As we neared the pier, I slipped on my shoes. The sea breeze blew into my face and ruffled the feathers on my boa.
“Come on! I want to get there early!” Ruth called. The path to the Crimson Rose was gravely, and it took me a while to get to Ruth, who walked in those high heels as though she was born with them. After ten minutes of stumbling, tripping, and nearly falling, I could see a hill with an entrance in front. As we came closer, I saw people going inside, with their laughter echoing throughout the area.
As we reached the opening, there were 2 men, holding guns. Ruth shows them her rose pin, so I did the same. You could hear the jazz all the way from the entrance. The fast paced notes created a vibrant atmosphere. As we entered the “hill” a dark tunnel stretched out in front of us.  No wonder Ruth loves to come here, it’s amazing! I thought as we stepped out of the tunnel. The whole place was covered in various hues of red with rose themed décor. There was a bar on the left side of the room, fully equipped with different types of booze. Whiskey, wine, beer, all you could think of. On the other side was a stage with a band playing dance music. In the corner, there was a seating area with couches and chairs where you can socialize with other people.
“Evelyn, come on! You don’t want to miss the Charleston!” Ruth called to me as she ran over to a group of girls, all wearing flapper dresses and pearls. I looked around and truly didn’t know what to do. Well…. The dancing looks fun! I walked over to band area and started to dance. The music was loud, fast, and exciting and the sound of people laughing and yelling just added to the fun. Suddenly I bumped into a girl around my age.
“Sorry! I didn’t see you there.” I said.
“No worries! My name is Mary, what yours?” Mary asked, truly looking friendly.
“Evelyn, Ruth’s sister.” I replied.
“So your Ruth’s sister, huh? She’s pretty well known around these parts. Do you want to go take a break and go to the lounge?”
What can Ruth be so well known for? I nodded and followed her to a pair of comfy looking chairs with a table between them. 
“Do you want anything, ladies?” a waiter asked politely as we sat ourselves on the overstuffed blood red chairs.
“No thank you.” We both replied. Mary soon struck up a conversation about my dress.
“That red really looks good on you, where did you get it?” she inquired.
“Thanks. My sister gave it to me. But I really think that I am going to blend in to the whole room in this red!” I laughed. Suddenly there was yelling and a gun shot. Mary looked as though all the blood was drained from her face. There was a mad rush of people, and as the crowd started to clear out through all the exists. Then I saw what all the commotion was about.
A group of police officer entered the speakeasy, all holding shotguns. I quickly jumped out of the chair and ran to Ruth, who was very easy to spot out in her pale yellow dress which contrasted with the deep hues. I ran over to her and grabbed her arm. As we ran out of the Crimson Rose, we heard a gunshot and a female scream. It was Mary.
Both Ruth and me stopped and threw our shoes of and began running to the car. As we started getting closer to it, a police officer caught up to us. 
“Stop! Stop!” he yelled but we just ran in the other direction, hoping to survive this night.
After half an hour of running Ruth suddenly stopped. She was panting with her hand on her knees.
“That was close…” she wheezed.
“Are you crazy? That was more that close! We were almost killed!” I cried and sat on the curb of the street that we blindly ran into. We really didn’t know where we were or whet we were going to do. The street was Hemlock Drive, like I knew where that was. Then Ruth saw a stranger walking slowly down the street.
“Mister! Mister! Can you please help us?” Ruth yelled at the man. Ruth! What are you doing? That man is a complete stranger! The man stared at us and started walked over to us.
“What do you want?” the man said in a rather low voice.
“We just escaped from a discovered speak easy… And we need to get home.” Ruth said in a quiet voice. She was apparently embarrassed by the whole occasion, and I don’t blame her.
“Well then, follow me.” The man started to walk down the street, and we quickly followed him. We walked for a few blocks and he got into a Rolls Royce. We quietly get into the car and pull into the street.
“Where do you live?” the man asked. Ruth was staring out of the window, in her own world probably thinking how lucky we were. 
“17 Wilson Ave.” I replied 
As we drove through neighborhoods, the hum of the engine slowly lulled me to sleep.  After a while we reached home.
“We are here.” Ruth and I got out of the car and thanked the driver.
“Thank you, sir. We don’t know what we could do with you!” Ruth said. The man nodded and drove off.
“We should get inside. We don’t want mother worried if she wakes up.” Ruth told as though nothing happened. I followed her inside. I will never forget about this night.
       Liza C., Age 11 

Orinda, Summer 2011

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