Gorgeous Italy
Italy was so much fun.
Warm, kind, nice people.

Wild America
America the great
No place like  my home.

Great Hawaii
Adventures Hawaii
Aloha! Next Time

By IRIS S. (Age 9)

Animals strutting
In the waterfall with joy
As a rainbow glows.

Plants sprouting quickly
As the sunshine appears
In the bright morning.

Long grape vines spreading
On top of an overhang
In a big garden.

BY FRIEDA V. (Age 9)


My past still haunts me
I want to holler “I’m sorry”
But it’s not enough


It is so, so dark
My anger does not forgive
But the water does


I fear for the man
These depths contain one secret
The death of that boy

​CODY M. (Age 14)

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The Story of Maren and Violet

    Maren was lonely. No one was playing with her. Only the dog would. Peter made fun of her.
    “Quit it!” Ryan started laughing at her, though. She didn’t know what to do. Till she met Tom. Until Tom started making fun of her.
    Violet became her girlfriend. When they went to dinner, they had a good time. Xylophones were their favorite thing to play together.
    “You’re really pretty,” Maren told Violet. Zoos are a good place to play xylophones. All of them (Maren, Violet, and the dog) had fun together. Berry was the dog’s name. 
    Collin told Violet mean things about Maren.
    “Doesn’t bother me,” said Violet. 
    Every night, Violet thought about how she would ask the big question.
    Friday, Violet asked the big question and Maren said yes!
    “Great, I was waiting for you to ask me!”
    “Help me choose a dress, will you?” Violet asked Maren.
    “I love you,” said Violet.
    “Just promise me you’ll never leave me.” Maren told her.
    Kathy, Maren’s sister, was very happy for them on their wedding day. Later that day they had ice cream. 
    Maren was no longer lonely.

FREIDA V. (age 9), AVA C. (age 14), CODY M. (age 14)



P E G A S I 

     Once a long time ago, before humans even existed, there were two Pegasi who wanted to rule the whole entire universe.

      However,  one Pegasus told the other that they should fight for ruling  the world.   Also they would decide who had the most powerful powers: magic.

     So, the other Pegasus agreed. The fight was on. In the early morning the two pegasi met on a large field. The each whispered good fight to one another. So the fight began the pegasus who goes to the gym won he award for strength and the other won the award in both magic and strength. She ruled the earth until humans came along. 

 By Frieda V. (Age 9)​

        You’ve all heard your parents saying
 “money does not grow on trees.” Well, what if I told you 
that money does grow on trees?

     One day, years and years back there was a boy named Sam. 
Sam lived in Illinois; his parents were poor. On his 8th birthday 
he got a one dollar bill. The next morning he thought if you plant
 money will it grow?

     Sam went outside his house, got his one dollar bill and a bucket of water.
 He dug a hole, put the money in and watered it. The next morning
 he watered it again, but nothing happened. 

        Years went by and Sam watered it everyday,
One day on his 13th birthday  he tripped on something.

     It was the money tree! On Sam’s 15th birthday 
he saw a hundred dollar bill on the tree. 
Eventually he was the richest man in the town. So now you know the story of the money tree. 

    P.S. Sam’s last name is Gates. 

,By Dhruv D ( Age 10)

    Once upon a time long, long ago, stars were invented by the sun.

    Yes, the sun used to be bigger.  It happened when the sun started to break up into really small pieces. Some people didn't know what to call it,  so they made up a name,

    Now I told you how stars were named.

Iris S. (Age 9)

One day there was a little girl who went to Belize with her family.  They rented a boat with different families.  Then the little girl got pushed into an ocean that had sharks in it.

        So the sharks ate the little girl.  After a little while,  the girl escaped from the shark, but turned into a zombie and hunted other people.  So if the person gets really scared they turn into a zombie.  Soon, a whole country was turned into zombies.
By FREIDA V., (Age 9)

Once there was a ghost and he lived in a basement covered with spiderwebs. It was an old smelly basement.

One day the dad of the family went down the creaky steps  to the basement to get some supplies for the house. He was scared, but jhe needed a hammer and screwdriver to build his children a playhouse.

 When he went down the stairs, the ghost murdered him and that's the end of the Dad.

By IRIS S.  (Age 9)

water parks are fun
swimming can be exiting
water guns are fun 

the tree can be tall 
the red wood tree can be tall
the oak tree is small

the green grass is short
my garden has a long weed
the dead bush is small

By Dhruv D. (Age 10)

By AVA C. (Age 14)


I'm a very very nice liquid named Water and I have a lot of good friends.  There is a mean container named bottle, She puts me in her stomache until you are nice to her.   I was so mad at Water in Bottle's belly.


I hate having to hold water in my belly.  She keeps telling me I am mean, but I am trying to help.

FREIDA V. (Age 9)


PROTAGANIST:   Bobby:  One day me and my friend are walking to school.  I realized something was missing -- my absolute favorite pencil in the world!  I was 100%  percent sure that Joe took it, because he was riding with it. When  I went up to talk to him,  he said " I don’t know what you talking about.  Why are you blaming me?" 

ANTAGONIST:    Joe:  Why are you blaming me for stealing your pencil?                             By IRIS S. ( Age 8)

The Seven Deities

    Fable was the first Deity to appear in the blackness between the stars. They were a quiet, thoughtful being, but in the end the deafening silence of the abyss they existed in became unbearable and drove them near insanity. The Deity grew lonely, with only the small specks of light we call stars for company. 

    All day and all night Fable thought up stories. Stories about dragons and trees and creatures beyond our imagination, but most of all they thought of people. People and other Deities to spend their existence with. People to ease their loneliness. People to call a family. But no matter how many stories and tales they fabricated in their mind they remained lonely, growing more and more frustrated with each one they came up with.

    In the end, when they were ready to give up and submit to the endless night of silence, Fable had a dream. Fable was bewildered by this, for they had only ever created stories while they were awake, but in the end they found it quite amusing. 
Their dream was a simple one, filled with nothing but the seemingly limitless expanse of shadow that filled their vision in their waking hours. There was neither up nor down, just space. Fable found this quite bewildering, and if they had to tell the truth, they thought they hadn’t fallen asleep at all until the lonely Deity spotted a small square of parchment floating towards them through the night. Understandably, they didn’t quite know what to do with the rough papyrus. It was completely blank on both sides except for a thin, intricate border of black ink curling around the edges.

    It wasn’t until a small sharp quill came hurtling through the dark and almost hit Fable in the face that they knew what to do. For it was their own story that they were to write on the small square. A simple story consisting merely of a lonely existence and a square of papyrus. 

    But the more Fable wrote, the longer the scroll became, allowing them to write more blank scrolls and empty books into existence. Places for all their old tales to materialize.

    First, Fable wrote the tale of Fortune, another Deity that sprang to life the moment they were done. Fortune was the luckiest, but perhaps also the most vengeful of all the Deities, using their control over luck, both good and bad, to their advantage. However, despite their vengeful tendencies, Fortune was kind to all those who were kind to them and others, and overall a sweet person to be around.

    Second, Fable wrote the tale of Harmony. To tell the truth, they hadn’t intended to ever create this specific Deity, but they also hadn’t anticipated how often they found themselves arguing with Fortune, so it was nice to have someone to keep the peace between the two.

    Third, they wrote Love’s story. It was a simple one, just like Fable’s own. But, like all other seemingly simple things, the tale of Love was much more complicated than it seemed and it took several tries to get it right. Love wasn’t there so much for the Deities, but for the stories Fable had come up with, but hadn’t had the chance to write down yet.

    Fourth, Fable wrote the tales of Light and Music. The two were practically inseparable, as they had both been written after Fable and the other Deities realized their world was still completely black and white and the silence was still ever present.

    Next, Fable wrote the tale of Death. Before, all the stories had been becoming overcrowded with beings and life, causing everything to die out within a few days. But now, there was a balance, all life beginning and ending at some point. Later, Death also became the Deity of not only sorrow, but also comfort, always there for others when they were grieving over a loved one losing their life.

    Last of all, Fable wrote the story of War. It had been quite some time after writing their first true story. The beings in it were merely prototypes, but were by far Fable’s favorite. It was just a small world in a vast, mostly unwritten space, not much unlike their own. The beings lived on a small, round island covered with water, for the most part, and they were happy there. True, they had some flaws, but Fable decided that was what made them so special, and had left the story unfinished so the beings could finish themselves.

    One of these flaws happened to be war. It was an almost constant, seemingly endless thing the humans couldn’t avoid. They were always fighting one another over something, whether it was food or land or riches.

    So, Fable wrote the tale of War. War was the only Deity with a true gender, something Fable had come up with towards the middle of their first story. most of the deities had chosen one or another to go with by now, though, as they found it amusing that the humans based so much just upon what they were.

    War, Fable decided, would be a female, as they had always found them more stubborn and maybe even somewhat terrifying when they were wronged in some way. She was small, but muscular, with large blue, almost violet eyes, silvery blonde hair that had been cut short around her jaw, a tan complexion, and sharp cheekbones. War’s sweet, yet strong appearance was in no way deceiving. She was shy and quiet, usually retreating to a corner when the other Deities argued over something. 

    But nothing was more terrifying than War when she got mad. When War got mad no one got in her way, not even Death who was usually the boldest out of all of them. It was rare, however, that someone angered her, and when they did it was usually the humans starting another war among themselves over a system they called politics.

    “Fable?” She asked one day, approaching the Deity as they wrote the story of yet another universe. “Why is there War and no Peace? I thought war was all about anger and aggression, and yet, I hate both.”

    “No,” Fable had sighed, turning around to face the young Deity. “You are Peace disguised as War. You see-” they handed her a page, containing the story of a certain ‘World War I’ you were there to stop it. You end wars, not fight in them. That is what you do. You dislike wars and aggression, which is why I wrote your story, because I don’t know what to do about them.”
By Cody (Age 14)

        It was a sunny July afternoon, the kind where there isn’t a cloud in the sky. Bright reflections from the sun made the clear blue lake water glisten. My friends' laughter from the dock beside me sounded like music.

        I loved spending days at the lake with my three best friends. I could just forget everything that was bothering me for three hours and concentrate on the present.

        But, we all knew that good things don't last forever, and soon we were drying off with our scratchy blue towels because my friend Dylan’s mom was going to pick us up in five minutes. “That was so much fun!” exclaimed Dylan his dark blonde hair turned brown from swimming. Water droplets fell from it as he dried off his head.

    “I know, right?,” I replied, quickly re-braiding my red hair. “I can’t wait to come back!” I looked to my other best friends, Katie and Ella for confirmation, who vigorously nodded, sending puddles of water from their hair onto the ground.

        I led the way back, all of us joking and laughing until I stumbled over a glass bottle on the ground, and face planted in the dirt.

       “Ow!,” I screamed as a sharp pain shot up my knee. I rubbed dirt off of my face and even spat some out onto the ground.

       “Are you OK???”, my friends' voices called out from behind, their flip-flops slapping the ground as they ran over to me.

      “I’m fine,” I mumbled, as Katie helped me up. I brushed some dirt off my knee and winced from the pain.

       I jumped when I heard barking laughter behind me.

       We all turned around at the same time and were staring into the cold eyes of a smirking teenage boy.

    “That was awesome!” he cried, lifting a cigarette to his lips and taking a long puff. 

       “You can’t smoke here!, It’s dangerous!” I yelled with my hands on my hips. 

        He snickered and tossed it to the ground. “Oh, yeah?”

    That's when I noticed that the whole area around his feet was littered with empty soda bottles, empty chip bags, and other pieces of trash that I couldn't make out.

    "You're littering!" Ella yelled beside me.

    "Whatever," the boy shrugged like it was no big deal.

    "We're going to tell our parents, and you'll be in so much trouble, maybe even sent to jail" Katie screamed, her face turning a bright shade of red.

    "Whatever," the boy said again.


    "Come on Katie," I said grabbing her, and our friends followed.

    We skipped off to Dylan's mom's car together, leaving the boy behind. None of us could wait to tell on that boy for doing as big a crime as littering, and as far as we were concerned, he would end up in jail very soon.         By AVA C. (Age 14)
A good bike hero
over the bars I face plant
On the road I go


Do you think my story would be a rant 
about the time I did a face plant?
I cracked my head 
I knew I should have stayed in bed.
But instead on a steep hill with a helmet I go
Over handlebars I fly and hit the gravel below


    It was a nice summer day.  A little girl was going down a steep hill.  Gravel covered the hillside.  She use her front brake going speedily down the hill.  She flew over the handlebars.  When she fell her helmet cracked open and she got a very bad concussion.

 FREIDA V. (Age 9)
OH.... I'M DEAD?

    Oh… I’m dead.. Felix thought to himself as he blinked his eyes open. Wait- what?? Bright fluorescent lights filled his vision, making him squint at the harsh brightness. Slowly he sat up, glancing around in surprise when he didn’t feel the previous stab of pain in his lungs. 

    “I’m sorry… Oh, god, I’m so so sorry, Lixie..” Chris was sobbing into one hand, the other clutching at the younger boy’s lifeless one.

    “I’m right here, idiot.” He signed, repeatedly tapping his boyfriend’s hand, eventually resorting to punching him playfully on the shoulder when he didn’t look up. “Yah, are you numb as well as blind? I’m literally right here.”

    “I apologize sir, but visiting hours are over, you may come back tomorrow.” Felix looked up to find the owner of the voice, only to see a young man standing in the doorway.

    “Hey, you! What are you doing here?!” He signed furiously, stalking across the room, fists raised defensively in front of his face. 

    “Oh.. ok..” Chris sniffled, slowly getting to his feet, feebly trying to dry some of his tears. “Bye, Felix… I’ll see you tomorrow…” He leaned down and left a small kiss on the younger’s forehead. What the heck? Felix spun around, only to see himself lying unconscious in a hospital bed. ‘Well, now I know what the craziest thing I’ll ever see is.’ he thought to himself, shaking his head somewhat violently and closing his eyes to make sure what he was seeing was real.
It was.

    “Hey! Wait for me!” he sprinted after the older boy, his fingers slowly beginning to become tired from signing so much.

     "Ok, new course of action.’ he told himself, realizing after many more fruitless attempts that Chris could neither feel nor see him. Of course, the first thought that came to mind was ‘break something’.  If he just concentrated a little more he could just grab the glass and- suddenly he was back in the sterile white hospital room, inhaling sharply at the sudden pain in his lungs, causing him to start coughing, his breath coming out in sharp gasps.

    “Chris- where’s Chris..” He signed frantically, looking around for his boyfriend as panic slowly took over. But there was no one there. The whole room was empty. Until it wasn’t.

    “I have to go back, I left my jacket.” The older boy’s voice was muffled by the wall between them, but it was clear enough to understand him.

    “Sir, you really can’t, visiting hours are over, you can come back to get it tomorrow.”

    The door abruptly swung open, and Chris walked in, barely sparing Felix a glance before quickly doubling back surprise.

    “Felix! You’re awake! Oh my god, Lixie, I was so worried! I thought you weren’t going to make it!” He laughed out loud in relief, running over to the younger boy and pausing for a moment before gently wrapping his arms around him.

    “What am I doing here?” He signed uncertainly, looking around at his surroundings carefully for the first time.

    “You don’t remember?” Felix shook his head. “We were at the ocean and you accidentally ran too far and fell off the cliff. You’ve been in a coma for almost a month.”

    “Oh, the last thing I remember is getting ice cream at the Equinox party..” 

    “Felix… that was over half a year ago… it’s almost Halloween…” Tears sparkled Chris' eyes, threatening to spill down his cheeks.

    “I’m sorry,” The two words the younger boy signed were enough to break the dam holding back Chris’ tears.

    “No, you’re not allowed to be sorry, you hear me?” he held Felix at arms length, staring intently into his eyes. “Oh my god, I love you so much.” Chris pulled him back into an almost rib-cracking hug, making Felix glad the pain in his chest had been slowly fading over the past couple of minutes.

    “I love you too,” he signed, smiling softly as he rested his head on Chris’ shoulder.                           By CODY ( Age 14)

What is that?
Xylophones, He said.
You’re bad, she said. 
Zebras are striped.  Now this was getting out of hand.
Apples are not as delicious and
Bees make honey but
Cows are not strong
Decimals are hard he said changing the subject.
Exaggerating is not good
Fireworks are pretty
Graphs are useful he pointed out.
Hard math Is good for you, she agreed. 
I’m better than you at math Dhruv teased. 
Judy falls down the Mountain
Kathy fell down too and she said
Lilies are pretty.  He wondered....
No way.
Oh sure
Peonies are nice to smell, she wanted to change the subject..
Quit that.
Ravens are birds I think.
So what?
Tea parties are wonderful.
Ugh...not this again.
Violets need help 
Why?  He laughed an stopped the game.

By: Druhv D. (Age 10) and Iris S. (Age 8)

Roasted marshmallows are good
Do they taste good
Yeah sure.
Everyone loves marshmallows

Sticky marshmallows taste better.
Right on!
You should try them, 

MMMM... Marshmallows are good.

By: Druhv D. (Age 10) and
 Iris S. (Age 8)
First Letter, Last Letter

            One day years and years ago there was a very rich man. He wasn't married and had no kids. 

            One day the man died. Nobody cared about the man dying so he haunted his house. Decades and decades went by and people went in and out of the house nobody stayed for more then one night, but then there was one man who thought he could stay the for more then two nights. 

            So when she got there in the morning he thought it would be easy, but then the night came he went to bed, but he woke up in the middle hearing creaking outside his room. So he went outside his room but saw nothing. But when he got back inside his room he, the creaking started again. The man was up all night. in the morning the man left right away. Do you think you could stay there?
DHRUV.D. ( AGE 10)   


    For Ava, her day had been going just like any other day so far. She ended her school day with a mountain of homework and hopped on the bus that would take her to her house. She sat in her usual seat next to her friend Maddie. and got off at her usual stop.

    Once she had hopped off, she began to walk the short distance from the stop that led to her home. She knew that she had to turn right once and go straight, and then she would be there. After all, she had been taking the same route since she moved here in third grade. So then, how come her street wasn't in its usual spot??

    "Weird," she thought as she looked around. And kind of creepy. She closed her eyes once and then opened them, hoping she had just been seeing things, but nope, still no sign of it.

    All of a sudden, the hazy blue sky turned a deep shade of purple and the ground began to sway. Ava tried to scream, but she fell onto her knees before she could even get it out. A blob lighter than the sky appeared suddenly and made its way towards her, and Ava knew this was it. She was going to die.

    She waited in agony, but her death never came. Instead, she found herse;f staring into the hollow eyes of an old woman wearing a hat with a feather sticking out of it.

    Now, Ava found her voice and let out a scream. She punched the old lady hard in the stomach and screamed again when her fist went straight through her.

    The ghost lady let out a chuckle, a horrible sound that if Ava had to describe would sound like nails on a chalkboard.

    "Who...Who are you?" Ava stammered.

    The lady chuckled again and adjusted her hat.

    "I am the ghost of you," she replied.

    "What???" Ava gasped, "How?"

    "It doesn't matter. What matters is that being a ghost is no fun, and I say we switch places forever. Whad'ya say?"

    "No!" shrieked Ava, "No!"

    "We'll see about that," she snickered, inching closer to her.


    Panting, Ava snapped open her eyes. She was beyond relieved to find herself in her own blue bed. She was sweating all over. She rolled over and pushed herself up. She was done sleeping.

    She screamed when she saw who was standing over her.

    "Hi, Ava, too bad this isn't a dream this time. Don't be afraid. You'll have lots of fun being me," exclaimed the ghost.

​By AVA C. (Age 14)

Once I went to Croatia and we went to a blue cave in Split. It was really fun. I even touched a jellyfish when we went out. We went to all sorts of places, to swim. I jumped on little rocks. We jumped off the boat and I saw a bunch of sea urchins and really pretty fish. 


Would you like to go searchin'
For a Sea Urchin
I met a fish
I want to make a wish.  
By IRIS S., (Age 8)