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Japanese poem
 with 17 syllables, 
captured in three lines.  

the first line has 5  
the second line has 7 
final line has 5 

Writers created 3 Haiku with the same themes, with different character perspectives.

        Once there was a boy in Mexico who was in love with a Korean girl, but Mexico was under an empire so you could not leave the empire gates. The man was heartbroken “What if I never see her again?” he asked himself, but the next day she was standing right at his window and she said: “Do not come or I will come for YOU.”

    The man was awake and saw her as a ghost but he did not hear her correctly and he went to Korea and found the girl and she said “I told you not to come” and she turned into a ghost.  He said “I could not help it I love you” but the ghost was offended by love and tried to murder him but he got away and that night he got a call and it said “I’m…….Coming…….For…..YOU."

     The man was scared to death and then five nights later at 12:00 he heard another call it said “I’m here” and he looked out the window and she was not there but he turned around and around and around………..

    The next day his friend found him dead on the floor.    
Wyatt D. (Age 9)


         Have you ever been to Colorado and saw the Maroon Bells? Well if you have then you know how beautiful they are. Now the Maroon bells are these humongous mountains that are so pretty. 

        A long time ago, the land was flat and there were no hills or mountains. But over time, animals kept on going to the bathroom and it started to form small hills. Now you would think that the poop and pee would make an avalanche -- but no.     Rain came and the poop and pee hardened and turned into a new kind of rock, called poop rock. 

        It took thousands of years form mountains. Did you know that humans helped. It wasn’t all animals. When humans came along, we started doing our business and it made a lot. If you travel the world, you will notice that there are mountains and hills all over the world. You might be living on a hill or mountain. Now everyone know that this is a myth and is not the real way mountains and hills are formed. If you don’t know the real way then look it up online or ask someone like a parent or friend.

By: Capri F. (Age 11)
S L E N D E R   A N D   M A R Y   

        Centuries and decades ago there was a girl named Mary and a boy named Slender. They were best family members. One day in 1338 Mary was looking in a hand mirror and she died because a horse drawn carriage crashed into her and a piece of her mirror shattered and flew into her neck.

    Blood got all over her mirror so people called the mirror “The Bloody Mary Mirror.” Mary got so mad that people called her that name that she awoke from the mirror.   People studied the bones and they figured out her bones were from a long time ago  when she died and that made her infection spread to her brother.

        The people were very scared that they would die so they flew away or sailed on boats. Very few people died. So from that day on nobody teased Bloody Mary again.  But then Slender died he was awoken but no one died because they were out of New York. But still they spread it to every country around the world.

    Now you can only find Bloody Mary when you say “Bloody Mary” three times in the dark in a mirror.

By Cailyn C. (Age 8)
Anna died.
But she left a note
“Can I have cake?”
Do you know why she died?
Eating cake makes you fat, and she secretly ate 100000 pounds of cake which resulted in her turned obese.
Finding the note freaked out everyone.
Great people came to Anna’s funeral.
“Hi,” everyone greeted
“I don’t understand”, said Anna’s mom.
Jason cried at Anna’s funeral.
Kate fell over.
Landon did not move from his seat.
Makama sat down and sobbed.
“Not another dead obese kid”, thought the funeral manager.
“Open the coffin, please”, said the guys carrying Anna’s body on a stretcher.
People came to her funeral.
Quiet, it was.
Reading, like it was.
Sad, it was.
Tyrone laughed at Anna’s funeral.
Umbrellas were not needed because it didn’t rain, duh.
Vans came with Anna’s dead body.
“Why?”, people wailed as they sobbed at Anna’s funeral.
“Xylophones!’, screamed Anna’s mental Great Great Great Great Aunt’s Cousin’s Cousin’s Mom’s Twice Removed Uncle’s Cousin
Yak Yaka Yak YAK!
Zoe! The Floor is Lava!  

By Heidi S.(Age 8 )

Alex is cool.
 Bees are awesome.
 Capri is bad.
 Dad is Alex and Alex is dad.
 Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
 Filippenko is my last name.
 Gorillas are good.
 Help Help Help Help Help Help Help Help Help Help me…
 Inside, outside.
 Jam Jelly.
 Kick the ball!
Lollipops are very bad for you.
Mom is mom and day is day.
“Noelle is my mom,” said Orion.
“Orion is my brother,” said Capri.
Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop popcorn.
Queen Orion is cool.
“Rainbows are awesome too,” said Sam.
Simon is my big brother.
Trails are not fun but now they are.
Victor is bad too.
Wis and Wan like dragons.
X-rays are not fun.
“Yummy food Mom,” said Orion.
Zoe F. big sister.  
  By Orion F, (Age 9)

Running from fast thief
He’s chasing me in alley
Hits me unconscious

It is very dark 
There is no air can not breath
I’m buried alive

She’s going shopping
I can trap her in alley
Then hit unconscious

By: Matthew (Age 10 ) 

Anna Alligator reaches slowly yak kangaroo oranges. She eats slowly, 
yamming good delicious sloths.

Sloths scrumptiously yelling,”Goats slapping going gone.”

Each horse eats slippery yams.

Slippery yams slurped during great driving.

Giraffe excellently yacht tips sailing. Gadella Anna Alligator Rhett, The End.

  By Heidi, Vivian, and Capri
(Ages 9, 10, 11 )
Zoe ate pizza.
Yutharaptor attacked him.
X-rays show bones.
Wyatt entered this war!
Valery climbed a tree.
Unknown T-rex found him.
Tom took Zoe’s bones
Stored them in his closet
Rarely ever ate them.
Quin shot Tom because she was an undercover terrorist
Pat was terrified
On the spot Quin was after him
Nately killed Quin
Mom was mad at Nately
Luke fell in a lake
Kia was fishing in that lake
John ripped off Kia’s head
It started to rain.
Ham is good.
Greg ate the ham.
Frank ripped out Greg’s heart.
Elephants killed Frank.
Don gave the elephant cheese
Crappy cheese
Bob built a bank and
Al robbed the bank 

Nathan B. & Wyatt D, (Age 9)

Minecraft trail, long gulping, galloping, groups, silent.
Minecraft tips, spy, yo-yo, Orion.
Minecraft tag, galp, plop, pop.

        Vivian, Jason, Rick and Heidi  were all going to sailing camp. For a whole week, they were going to be sailors. The 4 of them went outside and realized that the sky was grey, not a single white cloud was in the sky.

 Right before sailing, Jason said, “Let's eat something."  Pizza from Taco Bell.  Taco Bell is fast, fancy sells Magic Treehouse books and cotton candy.   Guess what. Liza Koshy  was there wearing shorts. The shorts were black and felt like a cozy bed. After that, it was the ride to the sailing camp. On the way there, they watched "Doctor Who." When they got there, they had to run to make it. 

After that, a staff said, “Hi. How are you doing today?” 

“We are doing fine, thank you.” Vivian responded. We pulled out our boat and found a nasty surprise. It was a box of cat litter and poo.  
​By: Capri F., Age 11

        Nola was going to Six Flags! She was going to bring her current reading book, :Harry Potter"Nola was going to meet her best friend, Heidi at Six Flags!. It turned out that the hour-long ride with Eidi had gotten canceled, so Nola and Heidi planned that they were going to sail to Six Flags.   Nola watched her favorite Youtuber, Liza Koshy.  Liza Koshy was dancing with a Potato Hat on at the grocery store and it turned out that she got a ticket from a  cop.Nola stopped watching Liza Koshy and packed a portion of her green potato curry, her Harry Potter book, her ipad, and a mini wifi tower into a stylish turquoise bag. Then, Nola went out to the dock and started to rig her boat to prepare her trip to Six Flags

Nola finished rigging her boat, and grabbed her bag off the couch, locked the house, and got into her boat. Nola placed her bag on the centerboard trunk, and launched. Off to Six Flags!  Nola placed her mainsail and tiller extension into the autopilot boat driver holder that she got off of Amazon. Nola got out her ipad and her mini wifi tower and started to watch Bugs Bunny Season 100, Episode 13- "Goodness Gracious 8 days of Cake"  and after she added How Far I'll Go" on her playlist. “ Goodness Gracious"looked up, to see another girl sailing alongside her. “What’s your name?”

Capri.”, said Capri. “My name is Nola.”, said Nola. “What do you have in your boat?”,Capri asked. “My bag. How about you?”, replied Nola.”A  Blue dish soap, a chair, and overly fuzzy cloud slime.”, answered Capri. “Cool.goodbye.”, Nola docked at the Six Flags  dock.

Nola eventually made it to Six Flags and back home, managed to bump into Heidi's boat, but Heidi was still thrilled to see Nola.

By Heidi S. Age 11 

    One spooky night in Transylvania there was a zombie named Steph if he didn’t get what he wanted he would start a zombie apocalypse! The next day a human explorer, Dave and his wife were in the city of Transylvania.   Steph asked them to leave but they wouldn’t,  so Steph commanded a zombie apocalypse! 

 Dave and his wife ran when they were surrounded by zombies.  Dave used a jetpack to get him and his wife to safety on the roof of Hotel Transylvania .  The monsters such as Frankenstein, Werewolf, and Dracula heard the landing.  Then Dracula, Werewolf, and Frankenstein climbed up to the roof and they both couldn’t escape so they both got devoured by monsters. 

By Nathan B., (Age 9)

Jump higher!” said Bob.
“Yep” said Capri.
Bob and Capri were having a jump contest on the blue couch at their home.
“Do you want to buy Animal’s Pizza for dinner?” 
“Sure, if we listen to "Hello"in the car and watch Fuller House afterwards?”
I have a dream that when I grow up, I want to be a zookeeper when I grow up,”
“I love Karina Garcia
Capri looked in the air and saw birds. 
“I like animals, woody, freezing stuff, saying ‘Hi what’s your name’ and ‘I did it’, running slowly, pipesshorts, and apples

By Quincy (Age 9)    

            Wake up!”shouted Wan “No.” whispered Wis.
           “It’s time!” Shouted Wan again.
          “It’s time what?” Wis anciently said.       
          “Dragons!” Shouted Wan for the 3rd time.
          ”What?” Wis anciently said again.     
           “Dragons!” Shouted Wan for the 4th time.
           "Dragons don’t exist.” said Wis,
            They exist!” Wan shouted for the 5th time.
           “Time for breakfast.” There Mom Lena said.
             “Ok.” When they got down stairs 
        and into the kitchen, Wan said “Mom do dragons exist?”
             “No.” said Mom. 
           “Well I’m going to find one.” said Wan with his mouth fold of cereal.     
            “Hope you don’t get eaten by a dragon.” said Wis laughing.
         “Wis.” said Mom,
         “What?” said Wis. 
            Then mom said “You're going with your brother, got it.”
          “O.K.” said Wis.
         “Now Wan if you find a dragon and train it you can keep it, but you guys have to be back around 4:00 p.m.” said their mom in a strict voice. “It is 9:32 a.m. OK” said there mom again.
         “OK” Wan and Wis said.     
         “Off you go.” she said. 
        It was nice to feel the wind it was a little cold but nice. Wis asked Wan “Where are we going? ” Wan said “To a place with lava or water.”
     “What are we going to find water or even lava?"  said Wis.
      "Somewhere?” said Wan.
      They got there helmets out and put it on, then they got their bikes out of the garage. After they went for 1 hr and 8 minutes, they fell in a hole. It was 10 yards deep.  They landed on their hands and feet, the bikes got stuck on a tree root 
    “Ummm.” said Wan.
     Then Wis said “Whoa.” 
    When Wis said "Whoa" he looked around he saw a Dragon Scale…
                                                           By Orion F. (Age 9)


     A long time ago there the British ruled America and all they could drink was lemonade. Then Obama and every president before him destroyed all the lemonade and then they could drink any thing they wanted. While they were celebrating the Germans put them all in jail, then Bob dug out with forks.  It took 70 years. Then Bob helped everyone out of their cells and blew up the Germans. 

                       By Nathan B. (Age 9)

      Bob #1 the cashier carefully hopping. Bob #2 as at an opti carefully ate watermelon. Bob in Jumanji was blueEvan in Harry Potter told Vivian “LOL” .The long zebra walked to the sun while eating soap and sang "It ain't me" and said “OMG

                    By Matthew S. (Age 10)

I'm bad at writing
Let me try something different
Please, please, please, please, please

I'm good at writing
I love doing it so much
It is so awesome

Minecraft is awesome
I like to play it with friends
"Creative" is best
Capri F. (Age 11)

        One day a girl named Vivian happily walked to school. She jumped in the mud. Her fuzzy shirt got dirty. When she got home she said “Hello to her mom. Bob and Phil were running down the stairs. Mom said “Gotta go.” to Phil and Bob. Suddenly the door bell rang, it was Heidi. “I thought it was at Heidi’s, but it was at my house."

        We sang our favorite song “Desparato” after we ran and jumped. We went to the zoo and saw furry animals. My Mom went to the NFL. We went sailing. I was sitting on my stool by the time we got home because the clouds were black.

                                           By Cailyn C.  (Age 8)

I am like Chica
Chica ate too much pizza
I am not Chica

Freddy is a bear
Freddy is coming for me
I see you, Freddy

Bonny is hiding
Bonny is a bad bunny
Bonny can jump-scare

Foxes is a fox
Foxey gave Chica her food
I see Foxey, too

Ennard is broken
Ennard is a cool robot
He is in Fazbears

Springtrap is deadly
Springtrap is so very fast
Springtrap is scary

By:  Orion F. (Age 9)
        There were 4 kids named Capri, Colby, Freddy and Yael.  They were at Colby’s house for a sleepover. The radio was playing “Yankee Doodle.” The kids had some watermelon. They went outside and jumped on the trampoline. A plane soared right over them. Capri was wearing a solid turquoise shirt
    At night, they watched “Light Out.”  Freddy had a dream at night. He was in San Francisco and monkeys were flying and Freddy’s name was Carl. A spikely looking vine killed a monkey. Then a Gorilla ate a monkey.  
    Then Carl asked, “Who are you?”  Pipes were everywhere blocking the walkways, turning them into obstacle course. He woke up, sweating. He didn’t need a doctor. Or he might. He didn’t see anybody or anything. He was blind. “Where am I?” he wondered. 
 By Ryan C. (Age 9)


        There was a kid on Halloween night, and he had no candy. Everybody kept stealing from him. I knew some ghosts but no helpful ones. I flew to the kid and shape shifted into a clear, vague image of a bat.  

        “Hi, my name is Potato,” I said. That made the kid laugh hard. The he said sadly, “Everybody keeps stealing my candy. Can you help me?” 

        Then, I saw a kid going in a haunted house. He tripped, fell backwards and disappeared in the ground leaving his candy.  

    (Haunted House Kid's perspective)  I saw a ghost in the pit. Then millions of them appeared. 

            Then, nobody ever saw him again.  

        Every year at Halloween Ghosts would pull kids into pits. At the end of each year, a kid will in chains above lava and the chains would keep lowering until they touched lava.  

        (Potato's prospective) One year I could take it anymore. To little children population, I went down a pit. 

    (Evil ghost perspective) The group and I kept roaming until we found some dark field of land. Then a ghost disappeared. Then another, and another, after another. Then, water poured all around ma and I disappeared and faded into thin air.  
By Ryan C. (Age 9)
Young Writers explored Myths 
and write one of their own.

In the stories created in FIRST LETTER LAST LETTER the last letter of each word becomes the first letter of the next word in the story.

In ALPHABET, each sentence of the story is created with the first letter of the first word using the next letter of the alphabet. 
Students wrote a ghost or scary story of their choice.
Each student wrote 25 words on a slip of paper:  Nouns, Adjectives, Song Titles, Professions, Verbs and more.

After the slips were put into piles, students drew random words and created a story incorporating the random words into their own story.    Random words are in bold.
​Students used one story and incorporated it into different genres:   Free Verse, Rhyming Verse, Haiku, a News Story and Monologues.
The clock is ticking
It ticks really really loud
It is still ticking

Don’t write on the wall
Because you will mess it up
So write on paper

I once saw a frog
It was on a log by fog
In a swamp with mud

By: Cailyn C. (Age 8 )


    A few thousand millennia ago, seals only lived in Antarctica. One ambitious seal ventured out into the unknown, towards North America. The seal traveled for days, stopping by the shallows of the Galapagos islands. 

    Now, back then there was a lot less global warming, so this seal, called Hapri, still had snow on her fur. Hapri finally arrived in North America, tired, hungry, and thirsty. Hapri was satisfied with her meal of yummy Pacific Salmon and went on shore to look for a freshwater spring. Most seals acquired water from their food, but Hapri had accidentally once tried freshwater snow in Antarctica when she was a pup, but the water tasted crisp and fresh. Hapri waddled on shore surprised to find that the earth was brown and crumbly. The earth crumbled beneath her flippers and while Hapri walked she looked around at the barren earth.

    Hapri fell into a hole, but she got back out. But when she fell in her weight made a hole in the earth and uncovered a HUGE well of water. The water made the earth nice, damp, and soft.

    Over time, the water cycle was established as the water molecules faced the elements heat, wind, and itself, rain. This was how the water was brought to North America..

By Heidi Sun, (Age 11)
Same Story
Told in Different Forms
     One cold Tuesday, Bobby the blue minion was jumping noodles Cheerfully their teacher Annie asked them if they would go to the couch of New York to get money. Then Fat Joe slowly ate soap and turned himself into a demon to protect the couch of New York! Then Michael the Lion was running while watching "Back to the Future" on his Go-Pro. He finds Fat Joe’s underwear. Bobby the blue minion sees a spider and starts singing "Despacito." Fat Joe is reading an alien book so Bobby the blue minion and Annie can sneak right past him and Bobby the blue minion and Annie can have all the money they want. 

 By Nathan B. (Age 9)
 Has vary fancy foot work
 He is amazing

 He has BIG talent
He can score vary quickly
I want his money

 I want his rare card
He is my favorite player
I have his autograph  

By:  Wyatt. (Age 10)

     JeffMatthewJones, and Emma were all very good friends. They hung out with each other a lot and had many things in common. Their favorite song was Most Girls, their favorite color was black, they loved
eating chicken, and they all loved watching Spongebob. Everyday, they would wear what they called a friendship shirt.. It was black with a picture of Spongebob with their two favorite books "Inside Out and Back Again" and "Land of Story."  
     Every night they would have a sleepover and that night they would look throught their telescope to see if they could see the planet Jupiter.  
     Every dinner they would only eat tomatoes to keep their friendship going.  Jones said "I am awesome" let's go to China and Europe by sailing a boat and running.
     As they got on the ship Emma spotted something and said "What's that?"  Jeff and Matthew told her it was a red fluffy soap.
     While they were quietly running to their destination they bumped into a hotel to stay over night.  When they went in their room there was only a coffee table and a tv.  They turned on the tv to watch their favorite movie "King of the Road." The next day they got to Europe.

By Michelle Z (Age 11)


 Circling the Sun 
The sun, a white ball of gas
 In the center of it all.
There are 8 of them 
and Earth is one of them
Planets not the only thing out there in space
There are stars and Asteroids,
Stars are also balls of gas
They are like bigger suns.


Around And Around 
Swirling While Rotating 
No Life Except One


Planets spinning, swirling fast
But we are just little rats
In this big universal Blast
There use to be 9 planets 
but that’s in the past  
By Capri (Age 9)

All together they had lunch.
 But no one liked it.
“Cars are awesome!” shouted Anny. 
“Don't shout it hurts my ears,” replied Sally. 
Everyone got mad because of the disgusting lunch. 
Finally dessert came. 
“Give me the desert,” Lily screamed.
Hannah got mad that she was allergic to the chocolate dessert. 
I was trying to calm everyone down but no one listens. 
Just as I finished scooping my ice cream someone sat on it. 
Kylie laughed at my face. 
Lily said it wasn't nice. 
Mom came over to check on us.
Nelda told mom that we were fighting so she tried to stop the problem. 
Of course we weren't having a good time. 
“Please can we have better food next week?” said Hannah 
“Quit complaining!” yelled Mom.
 Ricky shushed everyone.
 Sally said “sorry” to everyone.
The picnic was soon over.
“U guys were rude today,” said mom.
Vroom-vroom! Mom was getting the car ready to go.
“Where are you going?” the kids asked.
 “Xavier I will take you home first,” said Mom.
“You were very nice, thank you for taking me home.” said Xavier.
Zuri fell asleep because of the long day.


      Long ago, dogs and cats treated each other like a family member. They were very close and would always help one another no matter what. Dogs would help a cat if they wer drowning. A cat would help chase away the dogs’ enemy. One day the cats had a meeting. They thought that it was unfair for dogs to get more food. Many of the cats agreed and their final decision was to put the world’s hot peppers’ powder in the dog’s food. That night right as the dogs were about to eat dinner the cats put the powder in their bowl. Since they didn't want the dogs to know it was them who did it, they put the powder in all the bowls but one to make it seem as if that one dog without the powder in the bowl did the main joke. Right when the dogs were just about to eat dinner, the dogs thought they smelled something really strong but they just thought it was an extra special dinner. 

      The cats quietly hid behind a bush and watched the dogs howling in pain as they spit out the food. When they all calmed down everyone got mad at the dog who didn't eat any powder in his bowl. The dog had nothing to prove that it wasn't him and was left with no friends. How could it be? The dog thought about it and realized it could've been the cats being jealous of how much food they got. After all, the dogs did get fed get more than enough food each meal.

Moral: Always treat someone else how you would want to be treated even your enemy


     There once was a bird and two brown, dark creatures that lived in a cave and did not go out until it was nighttime. They also had echolocation to locate everything.

      One day, the creatures looked outside and saw the bird soaring through the sky. The creatures said “I wish I was a bird.” Day after day the creatures admired the bird.

    Until one day, the bird fell in love with another one and had a baby. The mother died from birth. The wings fell behind the mother and father’s arms. Soon enough, the creature had a baby but the other died from birth.

     After one week, the creatures noticed the baby creature was different. It had wings behind its arms but was attached to his arms. The father was jealous. He believed that he would have the same wings as his son. In two weeks, the father’s wings were the same as his son. The bird looked down at the creatures with wings. The creatures flew up into the air and went to hide in the cave.

     From that day on, the creatures were called bats and they all had wings of the father and son that still live today.

Moral: If you want something somebody else has, it is possible for you to get it.
By Ryan C.

I can't not lose 
my only chance 
start fast 
not even close
passing people
looks like victory --
sled cracks 
wood flies 
and hits a car.
 Gets dented.
There is some smoke 
That cannot protect me forever

There was a kid from San Francisco doing a dogsled race when he hit a building and dented the car with a lot of impact. Witnesses said it was a harsh impact and basically destroyed the car.


You do not want to be me. It's not my fault I crashed into a building and broke a car. It was my chance for $500! I lost it game over.


 I was driving to LA for vacation. All of a sudden I hear a bang and the next thing I know my car was smoking. Now I have to get my car fixed. 

I lost the prize 
there were no ties
I lost my chances 
which means no dances 

I have a great sled 
I am roaming through the land
I am in trouble
By Ryan C. (Age 9)


     Long ago there was a ghost name Cherry. It ate cherries every day and became addicted to them. One day it got shot by a random person,” said Bob one of the counselors. “So if you ever hear a whistling sound that is a ghost coming back,” the counselor said “he’s asking for more cherries.”

      Then from out of nowhere was a whistling sound. All the campers quickly ran back to their cabins because they were really frightened.

     The next morning they found cherries laying on the ground. Some of them had been eaten already. Everyone screamed and got really frightened. Secretly the counselors were laughing because they were the ones that set up all this, even though the go story was true. 

     They all giggled and smiled. The end. 

                             By Nathan D. (Age 10 )

Once there was Baby
Slenderman he was 
small and had no
friends and one day
he asked his dad “Why
do I have no friends?”
but his dad just ignored
him and said “Go play with
your toys.” 

So Baby Slenderman
did so. The next day Baby Slenderman took his Teddy Bear to scarring School and Bloody Marie said “Hey you.”

“Is that a Freddy Fazbear plush?” 

And Baby Slenderman
replied “yes” so the two became friends and lived
happily ever after.

By Wyatt D. (Age 10)

Bob ate some pizza
Bob has ate too much pizza
Bob has sadly died

Pizza was eaten.
He was digested by Bob.
He burned in acid

Bob’s teeth ate pizza
They at the pizza at noon
The killed the pizza 

By: Nathan (Age 10)


     Hi, my name is Katlyn and I’m 15 years old, I live in Chicago. I like jogging and running, but I also like the moon and clouds. But, enough about me let me tell you about my family. We were watching a film called “Up” at 8:00 p.m. while I was getting ready for the school prom. As I slipped my underwear on, I heard a loud scream. There was a heavy wind and it was crazy outside. Mom screamed my name and I ran downstairs. Lilly (my sister) said there is a tornado. When I got downstairs my brother (Sam) had already got his survival kit.
     “Every one, go to the safety pit,” my Mom screamed. I was only in my underwear at the time. Slowly tears started running down my face. “Don’t cry,” Mom said.  
     Mom started humming the tune of “I Have a Dream” and things got better. As the door opened, we saw the color of twilight blue and many clouds, even one in the shape of a zebra! The next morning we had bacon and eggs, and then we watched TV. I heard Mom scream someone’s name. I ran downstairs in fear and found Sam laying on the ground. We took him to the hospital but the doctors didn’t know what had happened to him! They did know he had passed away. The whole family burst into tears! Me and Sam were on page away from finishing the Magic Treehouse book, but now I have to finish it myself. That night as I held to tight to Sam’s Pikachu stuffie so I can remember him. And that is the story of my family

By Evie S. (Age 10)


Free verse poem
On the first day of sixth grade
I was worried
For I may get lost
In the big school

Surrounded by a bunch of
7th and 8th graders
I almost got lost going to
My second class of the day
Going the opposite direction
Was not my expectation

First day of sixth grade
What if I got the wrong way?
Sure enough I did

What if go the wrong way
On the first day
How bad can it be?
What about me?

As the bell rang, everyone left to go to their second class. One of my friends also happened to be in that same class with me. I knew I was going the right way to my second classroom but, my friend told me it was the opposite direction. I didn’t want to hurt her feeling so I followed her. After all, she was my friends. We ended up making a circle. Then she said I could lead because she gave up. I lead her to the right classroom and we were just in time.

Just two more kids Malina and Michelole. Probably some sixth graders who doesn't know their way around the school yet. I’ll just wait a minute or two and I will just start teaching if they don't show up. After a few more minutes of waiting, I gave up and went back in the classroom. A minute later, they came in. They looked pretty embarrassed because everyone was staring at them.

Man, I should have trusted Michelle. Why is it always me making the mistake? Ugh. I will not admit that I am wrong since I am always wrong. Even though I do feel pretty bad for making her late and ending up that I was wrong. I knew I should have more confident next time.

 By Michelle Z.  (Age 11)
I built a big lime out of building blocks. It fell apart fast. I tried to build the lime 100 more times but it fell even faster every time. I got angry so I threw a block and accidently window! I was scared so I ran up to my room locked the door and hid in there for 7 hours I was hungry and all I had in my room were lemons so I ate 2,000 of them. When my parents got home they found out and I was grounded for eternity. By Nathan
Monologue #1 Frak broke my window and as a father I think he should be punished by grounding him for eternity! Then he tried to hide it and hide in his room and he ate all the lemons too I’m so mad at my boy I could kill him! As another punishment he has to do all the laundry for 10 years! Until then he can only go to school and do his homework for 13 years. 

Frak was bored so he started building a lime he was almost done but it fell over so he tried to build it 100 more times but it kept falling over he was angry so he threw a block it accidentally hit window! Frak was ashamed so he hide in his room for 7 hours while eating 2,00 lemons on his bed when his parents got home they were furious “Frak” you're grounded for eternity!  

By Nathan (Age 10)